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What is UTR ranking? UTR stands for UNIVERSAL TENNIS RATINGS, and it's a guide for beginners. UTR provides an easy-to-read list of the best tennis players in the world, ranked by their performance on the court. UTR also offers information about upcoming tournaments, new player introductions, and even game rules. Whether you're a beginner or want to advance your tennis skills before playing with friends this weekend, utr has something for everyone!


Universal Tennis (UTR) is a system that ranks players in the world. No matter how old they are, what gender they are, where they live or how good they are at tennis, everyone will be ranked on a scale from 1-16.50 based on their performance during matches.


UTR is a way to measure your skill level. You can use it to see how you are doing, find people who are playing at the same skill level and play with people across age, gender and tennis silo.


Every tennis player can have a UTR. This is an accurate way to measure how good that person is. It doesn't matter what grade you are in or if you are a pro or a junior.


UTR is a calculation. It's calculated by an algorithm that uses certain things from the last 12 months. The algorithm calculates a number for each eligible match and then figures out how much weight it should have. UTR is the total of all those numbers as a percentage.


Compete Well – You can improve your UTR by winning more games than expected, regardless of whether you win or lose the match and whether you play higher- or lower-rated opponents. Play well and try to win as many games as possible; this is the best way to improve your UTR. To achieve this, you have to be dedicated in honing your skills and look for training lessons that suit your needs. 

Play Often – The more matches you play, the quicker your ranking will reflect how good of a player you are. It is best to play against people close to your rating (whether they are above or below you) because it will be fair. In addition, playing often can also help you learn various strategies both for singles and doubles matches.

Be Patient – The UTR is a rolling weighted average. This means that when new results come in, the results' impact on the average slightly lags. Your UTR may take time to reflect a recent outcome.

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Frequently Asked Questions About UTR

What is a good UTR ranking?

A player's UTR is a number between 1.00 and 16.50. You can get your UTR Rating by just playing one match. After about five matches, the rating becomes reliable.

How do I find out my UTR rank?

The UTR is calculated by an algorithm. You do this with someone's last 30 eligible match ratings and their weights. For each rating, the algorithm calculates a match rating and a weight. The UTR is the average of all these ratings and weights.

What is the UTR rating scale?

UTR is a rating system that looks at all tennis players. It might be used by people no matter what age, gender or nationality they are. So even if you started learning tennis at a later age, UTR can measure how good someone's game is and how skillful they are.

Who has the highest UTR rating in the world?

ATP Rankings are essential. These lists rank the top players in tennis. The best player is Novak Djokovic, who has a UTR rating of 16.23. Rafael Nadal is number two with a UTR rating of 16.14, and Roger Federer is number three with a UTR rating of 15.98

Is a 12 UTR good?

To be recruited with a full-ride tennis scholarship, you need to be 13 UTR. The best players are still at 12/13 UTR, but lower lineup players on weaker teams may be 8/9 UTR levels. On the women's side, 11+ UTR is necessary for top D1 players.

Is a UTR of 3 good?

For men in all divisions, 56% have a UTR rating between 3 and 10. And without a doubt, playing in college offers a lot of opportunities for people to play tennis. There are large schools with enormous budgets that have players who go on to play professional tennis.

What UTR is a 3.5 tennis player?

Leagues are different for each person. They will be based on the most accurate rating in the world, called UTR. Other associations have different skill levels. People should be put in a league that is the same level as their skill. For example, if someone has an NTRP rating of 3 and plays tennis, they will go in a league for people with an NTRP rating of 3 or below.

What is a 6 UTR?

The Power 6 is a way to measure the strength of a college team. You add up the scores of the top six players on a team and round it off to the nearest integer.

What is Serena UTR?

This is a way to compare people based on their performance. It is a scale from 1-16 with hundredths of points. For example, Roger Federer can be 16.26, Serena Williams could be 13.03, and elite college player 14.5 for men or 3.12 for women playing in the USTA events are lower than that number. The system applies to all people regardless of gender or age level.

Which is better, UTR or USTA?

The USTA ranking is not as crucial in the juniors anymore. If you have enough money, you can go to specific events and pick up points. The UTR system also allows for great flexibility in playing opportunities.

What UTR is Novak?

Novak Djokovic has a UTR of 15.76.

Who owns UTR?

Universal Tennis, which owns the Universal Tennis Ratings (UTR), invests $20 million in a three-year tour. This tour is for elite junior, collegiate, and pro players.

Does UTR round up or down?

We've made this change to make it easier for players to enter into level-based groups and play against people at the same competitive level as them. Confirmed UTR now rounds down.

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