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How to Find a Tennis Scholarship in the United States


Many people dream of playing college tennis. It is an attainable goal for those serious about their career in the sport. However, there are a lot of factors that you need to take into account when looking for scholarships. This blog will go over how to discover us tennis scholarships and what measures you should follow to make your scholarship hunt a success.

Internationally, tennis is a popular sport. Looking for a tennis scholarship at a university has also become very competitive. It is very important to have good grades and play well in tennis. You should talk about your grades and what you have done. You should also show people good at playing tennis with a video. The video must be guided by professionals. They will make sure it is successful. Global College USA takes care of the whole process and makes the video in-person to ensure quality. Many colleges in the United States have tennis programs. The following divisions belong to these colleges: NCAA Divisions I, II, III, NAIA, and NJCAA. The tennis player needs to start this process in time. You will need to send in your information so that Global College USA can evaluate the player’s options in the United States and give you a scholarship. In addition to the divisions, there are also levels of tennis. In each profile, you will have a lot of colleges that will be good options.

Why is the United States?

In the United States, university sport is a system that combines school with playing and studying. They sometimes give scholarships to people who study and play. Some of the universities in America offer scholarships for players on the team. These scholarships then allow students to finance their studies through tennis. In addition to this, players can have an amazing experience in the United States. They can study and play sports together. They will travel around the country with their sports team. In this way, they could get a degree from an American university. And they will meet people from many different countries and cultures. Tennis players have a lot of opportunities because of their sport.

Tennis Scholarships in the United States

Each university’s tennis team is limited to a certain amount of scholarships. Within these scholarships, the university gives players the money they have. College coaches provide some money for the best singles and doubles players. Usually, you will need to be one of the best players on your team to receive a tennis scholarship. There is another opportunity on the tennis team called “walk-ons.” A walk-on can be part of the team, but they do not get a scholarship. After a year, you can get a scholarship for your remaining years at the university, depending on how well you are doing. That is why some parents who are fans of playing this sport teach their children tennis at a young age.

Limited Number of Scholarships in Tennis Teams

Every university has a certain amount of tennis scholarships they can offer. If you are good at tennis, apply to different universities with different scholarships. An example of this is the Ivy League universities that do not offer athletic scholarships. These are very good schools, just like Harvard. And then, in tennis, people can divide up their scholarships because coaches have a lot of players on their team. Tennis coaches, for example, in NCAA D1 can distribute 4.5 scholarships to as many athletes as they wish. Women’s tennis is a sport that has up to 8 athletic scholarships for 8 tennis players. If you are at the level they are looking for, you will receive a full scholarship.

What Does a Tennis Scholarship Covers in the United States?

In the United States, tennis scholarships cover a percentage of your college expenses. If you want to play tennis on a scholarship, then the following expenses will be covered:

  • Tuition and Fees
  • Books
  • Accommodation (residence or apartment)
  • Food
  • Health insurance

The university pays for many things. They pay for tennis training, physical conditioning, sports equipment (string, over grips, clothing, shoes), and official competitions. They will help you travel and get food and a hotel. You can also get help from an academic tutor or a therapist if you need it.

Academic Requirements

It is important to have a good academic side in attending a good university. You need to be able to take the SAT or TOEFL. Suppose two students are at a similar tennis level, but one has better grades in school. In that case, the coach will usually give the tennis scholarship to that student. This is because students at university have to meet specific requirements. You need to take care of different parts of your life, just as much as tennis.

  • Sports eligibility: You must meet the minimum scores for all university divisions.
  • To get into universities, tennis players need to do well on their tests.
  • You can get an academic scholarship which you can add to the amount of athletic scholarship. This will make your total scholarship greater. To get an academic scholarship, you need to have good grades in high school and high scores on the SAT exam.

The more grades you have, the more money the school will pay you. Many colleges have different requirements. Some want students with high scores. Others wish to students who are good at sports. We study every student’s profile to find the college that fits them best.

What Is the Average Level of Tennis Required to Receive a Tennis Scholarship in the United States?

Tennis teams may be found at over 1,000 universities in the United States. These teams belong to different university divisions. There are many types of universities. The level of tennis is different at each university. We can tell you how much tennis is needed for scholarships to the US universities, depending on the type of university:

NCAA Division I: Bigger universities with more sports. In this division, most universities have a higher level of sports than in the other divisions. To play on the men’s tennis team, you need to take the SAT. You must also have a level of skill equal to the top 200 men’s open ranking in the United Kingdom, top 600 ITF junior, and experience in ITFs and ATP tournaments. The women’s tennis level is measured by the top 300 women’s open ranking in the UK, ITF junior ranking, and experience in ITFs and WTA tournaments.

NCAA Division II: Smaller colleges with a high sports level similar to NAIA colleges. To play tennis at our school, you have to take a test. The test will show how good you are at playing tennis. You should beat other people in the top 100 or 150 in your age group in England and have some success when you compete in tournaments. The level of women’s tennis is the level of play multiplied by the top 250 ranking for 18 and under in the UK. Playing competitively, having some success at national or regional tournaments.

NCAA Division III: Some universities cannot offer athletic scholarships, but they provide other scholarships like academic scholarships. This can help with the cost. NCAA Division III colleges are for students who want to succeed in college. They need a good SAT score and an academic record. You have a high academic level and experience in national and regional tournaments for men’s tennis. You also have a very good academic level. Women’s tennis: You need to have experience in national and/or regional tournaments. You need a good academic level.

NAIA: Universities like these are in NCAA Division II. They have rules that are simpler than those for NAIA. To get into this school, you need to take the SAT exam. You need a certain level of play experience and success in national and regional tournaments for men’s tennis. You also need experience and success in national and regional tournaments for women’s tennis.

Junior College: A two-year college is a school where you can go and finish your first two years of university. Then you can go to a different university. Junior colleges are a good option for people who want to get better at school and sports. They will help you transfer to a bigger school after junior college. If you’re going to go to the university, you must take the SAT. There are different levels of tennis at each university for men and women.

How are College Coaches in the United States Measuring a Tennis Athlete’s Level?

Coaches take into account several factors when measuring your level.

  • Tennis rankings tell how good someone is at tennis based on how they did in matches. There are different levels, like national, state/county, etc.
  • You should have good results in national, international, or professional tournaments. (It’s important to show up and do well).
  • A player’s results against people who have a national ranking, ITF ranking, or ATP/WTA ranking.
  • Results in games against American university players.
  • A video of a tennis player can show how to play tennis.
  • Global College USA evaluates how good a player is. We watch the person play, and then we rate them. If you do good, coaches in America will like your opinion more and more with time. Sometimes the rankings of tennis players are not accurate due to them not playing in competitions or other things.
  • Annual visits from university coaches. This is something that Global College does for players at the top level. Our players and their families will have the opportunity to meet the coaches in person. Coaches can watch them play in person. Doing this will help you get a scholarship to go to a high-level tennis university.

Global College USA evaluates players and helps them find universities that are a good fit. They then work to provide athletic scholarships for the player.

What Is the Process of Getting Tennis Scholarships in the United States?

The goal of Global College USA is to help people who are good at tennis. They go to a college in the United States that will give them both an athletic and academic scholarship. We always look for the best schools for you. We can try to get a lot of scholarship money from these schools. Here are essential things to consider while applying for a tennis scholarship at a university in the United States. The most important factor in tennis is the level of player:

  1. There are different levels of tennis. The higher the level, the more scholarships and better options to choose from. To become a good tennis player, you have to train and play in tournaments. You have to hone your footwork, endurance, power, technique, and many others to become an effective part of the team.
  2. Achieving a high level in school: You should focus on your studies to achieve the highest level. When you are good at school, you can get more scholarships. You can get both athletic and academic scholarships.

To learn more about getting a tennis scholarship in the United States, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tennis Scholarships in the United States

How can I get a tennis scholarship in the USA?

To get a tennis scholarship, you need to be one of the best players on the team. There is another opportunity on the tennis team. It’s called the “walk-on.” A walk-on allows players to be part of the team, but they don’t get a scholarship.

How hard are tennis scholarships?

It is really hard to get a tennis scholarship. Getting a scholarship in any sport is difficult. In 2015/16, only about 7% of high school athletes (about 1 in 14) went on to play varsity sports at college.

Is tennis a good sport for scholarships?

For example, in Division I baseball, each team can offer an average of 11.7 scholarships to a team of 35 players. There are 215,737 soccer players in high school and 4,480 athletic scholarships to go to college. This means a 48:1 chance that someone will get an athletic scholarship out of high school.

Can I go D1 in tennis?

To play D1 men’s tennis, someone will need to be a 12+ on the UTR. NCAA D3 and NAIA have more variability from top teams down to the lower level teams. The leading players and teams are still at 12/13 UTR, but lower lineup players on weaker teams may be 8/9 UTR levels.

Does Harvard offer tennis scholarships?

Harvard University does offer tennis scholarships. They will offer you a scholarship if you need it or your grades are good. Athletic scholarships are available for NCAA Division I, NCAA Division II, NAIA, and NJCAA. 34% of all student-athletes get an athletic scholarship from Harvard University on average.

How do you get a D1 tennis scholarship?

To get a tennis scholarship, you can be proactive. You can film your matches and send them to the schools you want to go to. You can also hire a recruiter who does this for other people. They will help you make it fair on the court or, in this case, on the playing field.

What college has the best tennis program?

There are many good tennis colleges. The best ones are UCLA, Wake Forest University, University Of Georgia, Ohio State University University of Virginia, Texas University At Austin, and UC Berkeley.

Can you avail a full-ride scholarship for tennis?

When a college has an NCAA Division 1 and Division 2 tennis team, the coaches can give out 4.5 scholarships. It is not impossible to get a full-ride tennis scholarship, but they are usually given to international athletes.

What college has the best women’s tennis team?

The University of Vanderbilt is one of the best schools for women’s tennis players. This private, not-for-profit school in Nashville, Tennessee, handed out 2,280 bachelor’s degrees in 2018-2019. The Women’s Tennis team at Vanderbilt took home $1,664,239 in revenue.

hat is the hardest sport to go in?

For men, the hardest sport to play in college is wrestling. It is played by 2.7% of the boys who go to college. For women, there is a tie between volleyball and basketball. These sports are played by 3.9% of the girls who go to college at Divisions I-III colleges and universities only.

What sport is easiest to go in?

To get a sports scholarship, you must play a sport. The easiest sports scholarships are for the sports that fewer girls play. For example, 4.5% of high school girls play tennis, and 4% play basketball.

What is the easiest sport to go in?

Lacrosse, ice hockey, and baseball are the simplest men’s sports to earn a scholarship in, as we previously stated. Looking at the high school athletes’ percentage who play in college and obtain some form of an athletic scholarship is a solid method to gauge this.

How good are d3 tennis players?

The average player in D-III is stronger than the average player in NAIA and somewhat weaker than the average player in D-II.

What is a 3-star recruit in tennis?

Tennis Recruiting’s star ranking system will be the last topic we’ll discuss. The top 800 ranked players are awarded stars twice a year to identify and name the greatest students in each class year. If a class has 400 players, the 3 Star threshold is the top 200 players.

Is it hard to get recruited for tennis?

It is hard to play tennis in college because there are many international players. College tennis has many international athletes, so the competition pool for any athlete who wants to play on a college team is very large.

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