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The Best Tennis Gifts for Coaches

Your tennis coach has given you a great gift – the ability to play a fun game for the rest of your life. The least you can do is put some thought and care into choosing a present for them. This guide will walk you through the entire process, from considering the occasion to determining your coach’s personality. Even better, we have ten excellent tennis gift ideas to show your gratitude and appreciation for what you’ve learned.

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Top 10 Gift Ideas for Coaches

1. Engraved Tennis Frame

Personalizing a photo frame can make a heartfelt gift for your coach. Insert a photo of your team and write the team’s name, or use the space to express your sincere gratitude. You could frame a photograph of yourself with your coach as a farewell. Consider inside jokes or specific memories to include on the frame. This gift is an excellent way to say goodbye so that your coach can hang in their office as they continue their career.

This photo frame is great because it has a tennis theme. The top of the frame has an engraving that says, “Thank you, Coach.” You can also personalize the team name, coach’s name, school, and year. The frame is stylish and glossy wood, and it has an easel back so your coach can put it on their desk or trophy shelf.

2. Coach Bobblehead

Bobbleheads are a fun gift that can make your coach smile. Giving your coach a bobblehead will make everyone laugh if your team is throwing a holiday or other event party.

You can personalize the bobblehead by adding your coach’s name or the season’s dates. It will make your coach happy. They can display it in their trophy case or on their desk. You can also add a personalized engraved plate to the bobblehead’s stand to remind them of you every time they bobble it.

3. Novelty Vibration Dampeners

You can find vibration dampeners in all sorts of fun and unique designs. Suppose it is your coach’s birthday, and the team brings gifts. In that case, a funny racket dampener is an excellent choice that will keep everyone entertained.

Racket Expressions dampeners are available in various designs, including zombies and comic book sounds. You can even get a five-pack of different designs so your coach can express themselves in another way every day of the workweek. They dress up any racket.

These dampeners are made of high-quality PVC, which absorbs a significant amount of racket vibration. They are well-fitting and will not fall out during play, so your coach will appreciate this fun but practical gift. Racket Expressions provides a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure that your coach is satisfied.

4. Agility Cones Set

Court equipment is another excellent idea for a birthday or holiday present. If you give it to your coach during the season, it will be considered late. They will be able to use it during your practice.

You can also replace any equipment the team has used up over the season. Say thank you with a new set of cones or place markers when the season is over. Remember that your coach may already have some equipment. Check first to avoid getting them something they don’t require.

Agility cones are a great way to improve your footwork. They come in various colors, so you can buy ones that your coach can use on the court.

The cones are tough but flexible, so they are a good choice if you replace old or damaged equipment. They come with a storage case and a book filled with ideas for agility drills. Profect Sports provides a money-back guarantee, so you can be confident that you are purchasing a high-quality product.

5. Customizable Team Banner

A blank banner can be customized in many different ways. It could, for example, be used to express gratitude to the team at the end of the season. Or it could have the team mascot and the player’s signatures. The possibilities are endless!

This banner is two-sided and reusable, making it suitable for any occasion. Your coach can use it to motivate the team during a game, or you can use it to create a thank-you banner for the end-of-season party.

The coolest thing about this banner is that it is rolled up and fits right in your coach’s pocket. They will appreciate something so practical to help them with their demanding job.

6. Tennis Court Dry Erase Clipboard

Clipboards can be a clever gift for someone with a lot to organize. For example, your coach probably has a lot of papers like rosters, schedules, and practice plans. A clipboard can help them manage everything, so they always have what they need during practice.

This clipboard is great because it is a dry-erase board. That means your coach can use it to help teammates communicate strategy or to take quick notes for later reference. Finding practical gifts is difficult, but this one is perfect. The clipboard is double-sided and has an easy-to-clean surface. It shows a full-sized court on the front and a zoomed-in half-court on the back. It’s made of high-quality materials that will last for several seasons.

7. Framed Tennis Patent Prints

A framed tennis patent print is an excellent option for a one-of-a-kind gift for your coach. These prints are available as a set or individually, and they can be a great way to remind your coach of the game they love every time they see them.

The two tennis prints that are for sale each depict an old-fashioned tennis racket made of wood as well as a tennis ball. Each comes with an inscription of the original person to file the patent and the date it was filed.

Both are sized at 14″ x 11″ and come ready to hang on your wall.

8. Personalized Tennis Balls

Most coaches have plenty of tennis balls, but with a personal touch, you can give them a unique present they will never forget. For example, you could inscribe the coach’s name or a holiday-themed message on the ball for a birthday or holiday. You could also upload your team’s mascot or write a thank-you note to create a piece of season memorabilia.

Finding a good value for a personalized gift can be challenging. You want something that is customized with your text. The balls are 100% guaranteed and are printed in the United States, so you can be sure they will be of good quality. You can choose to add your name, your coach’s name, or even a joke to make it unique.

9. Tennis Phone Case

A phone case is a simple but thoughtful gift for someone’s birthday, holiday, or end-of-season party. Do you know someone who likes to express themselves and their passion for tennis? Perhaps they have a tennis keychain or bumper sticker, but do they have a phone case with a tennis theme? You can assist them in including it in their collection. A phone case is an excellent demonstration of support for a hobby or interest.

Your coach is an athlete, so you know your phone is always at risk of damage. This phone case from GackCase gives your coach’s phone personality and protects it for a great price. It has an innovative raised edge that protects the screen against flat surfaces. It is made from tough PC+TPU that absorbs force and is anti-shock but still flexible and lightweight. Check your coach’s phone before buying this case – it is specifically for the iPhone X.

10. Giant Tennis Ball

Giant tennis balls are widely available and generally inexpensive. You can buy one as a team, and all the players can sign it. To make it even more special, write a thank-you note or inside joke on the ball and purchase a stand your coach can set on. It will be a great way to end the season and come together as a team. Your coach will appreciate the uniqueness of the gift, and they’ll be able to look back fondly on your team’s successful season throughout their career.

This ball is an excellent gift for your coach. It is rubber and has felt on it so people can sign it and you can display it. It is 9.5 inches in diameter, which is perfect because the whole team can sign it without it being too big or too small.

Tennis Gifts for Décor

A tennis player’s preferred weapon is the racket. They can’t just strike the ball with their hands. A baseball bat would be inadequate as well. A chainsaw, on the other hand, would be unsafe. Why on earth would you bring a chainsaw to a tennis court? No way around it: if you want to play tennis, you’ll need a racket. Several artists have been inspired to make their items into tennis racket shapes. Here are some of the tennis presents for home décor that they have created.

Vintage Tennis Racket Mirror for the Wall (prices vary by style)

An ingenious Etsy seller has transformed ancient tennis rackets into portable mirrors with exceptionally long handles by replacing the racket strings with reflecting glass. It’s a lovely tennis present, but we’re having some difficulties with the logistics. Because the handle is so long, you’ll probably have to grab it near the mirror’s base to get a decent glimpse of your face unless you have long arms hanging down to the ground. Aren’t we overthinking things? Oh, no… I understand. You put it up on the wall. It looks fantastic and is genuinely one-of-a-kind.

Vintage Tennis Racket Lamp

Another Etsy user had the brilliant idea to repurpose old tennis rackets into a carrier for LED string lights. The result is maybe the best lamp ever. This gorgeous desk accessory has an upright racket with racket strings speckled with impossibly charming bead-like lights. It’s like looking at a dazzling constellation against your wall’s sky-like vastness or a weapon someone just used to destroy a swarm of fireflies.

Tennis Themed Wine Charms & Bottle Stopper (under $30)

Wait a minute, and we need to research what a “wine charm” is… Okay, OK. That makes perfect sense. It’s something you put on a wine glass to identify it as yours and prevent it from being picked up by someone else. That may be handy, now that we think about it. This set includes six tennis-themed, very useful wine charms. It also features a tennis-style wine bottle stopper that stops wine bottles if you bear with us.

Tennis Patent Art (price varies by style)

Like everything else in modern civilization, tennis had to be created before anybody could play it. They had to create the exact instruments needed in tennis after establishing tennis. When they did, they had to submit schematics of these instruments to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This art collection transforms your plans into attractive, stylish wall decorations.

Wimbledon Periodic Table Tennis Art (price varies by size)

Wimbledon is the oldest championship event in tennis history, held every July in England on meticulously maintained grass courts. The periodic table of elements is the earliest periodic chart in element history, organizing the world’s materials in order of nuclear proton concentration. Only a matter of time would separate the two. This poster displays the lineups of Wimbledon Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ singles winners in a periodic table style, color-coded by country of origin. A great way to win over your tennis-loving buddy or perplex your chemistry lab mate.

Unique Personalized Tennis Gifts

If you need presents for tennis players who have everything, get them something monogrammed or tailored to them. It gives a bit of sophistication and helps them recall their name after a tough game.

Personalized Tennis Towel (under $20)

Step off the field and into luxury with one of these personalized towels, which include your name and sewn reproductions of tennis rackets and a ball. They are available in a variety of base and thread colors. We’re not sure whether admirers of John McEnroe can order a photo of a smashed-up racket, but they should.

Personalized Tennis Balls (under $30)

Tennis balls are an obvious choice for racket fans. Even better are these personalized balls that include the recipient’s name in large, strong lettering. We also recommend that you get tennis balls with the name of your favorite tennis player’s biggest opponent on them so that they might exact psychological retribution by whacking balls with that name into oblivion. A meaningless gesture? Perhaps. However, it is less difficult than suing or cutting tires.

Personalized Caricature (less than $60)

If you’re searching for one-of-a-kind customized tennis presents that they don’t already have, this is a definite option. You put in a photo of the receiver, and they are created as a tennis court caricature. You may also order one for golf, soccer, dentists, teachers, or any other sport or career. Still, for the time being, we’re focusing on tennis presents.

Tennis Print Letter Name Art (price varies by size)

This hangable wall art contains photographs of tennis-related products organized to imitate English alphabet letters, making it one of the greatest presents for tennis fanatics who require continual confirmation of their identities. Simply input the name you want to be customized. You’ll get a print with letters spelling out that name creatively, utilizing balls, nets, and other materials to build up the letters within an acceptable time limit. Your tennis-loving buddy will remember what others call them every time they see this photo.

Personalized Tennis Sign (less than $45)

This personalized sign is constructed of steel and comes in various colors to complement any décor. It is strong, unlike other metal signs that are prone to breaking. This gadget will last a long time. I’m sure most people have their name engraved on it, but I’d want mine to read “US Open Champion.”

Personalized Bobble-Head

This is the most out-of-the-box present for tennis players. You may get a bespoke bobblehead made that looks just like you. You give them multiple photos, and they create a little version of themselves. You may change the clothing color, add a logo, and even wear glasses.

Off-Court Tennis Gifts to Enjoy

Humans cannot survive only on tennis. Even the most ardent and diligent tennis player must eventually retire to private quarters and enjoy some of life’s other pleasures, such as books, photos, badminton, or the periodic table of elements. This section contains presents for tennis players to enjoy when they are not playing and gifts for tennis fans who wish to appear like tennis players when they are not playing.

Tennis Ball Bath Bombs (less than $20)

Bath bombs are quite popular. Simply immerse yourself in a bathtub, put one of these puppies into the water, and it’ll feel like you’re floating in a vat of scented Alka-Seltzer. Inspired bath gift creators have combined two and two to create bath bombs that resemble tennis balls. They are perfumed, but we have no idea what they smell like. We’d like to believe they smell like labor.

It’s Not My Fault (less than $20)

Tennis players are trained to succeed, so they must create credible explanations for their shortcomings when they fail on the court. Josh Shifrin’s book features 150 such self-defenses, some of which were genuinely said by tennis players who should know better. “The light was in my eyes,” “I was distracted by my opponent’s groaning,” and “Technically, I’m dead” are among the gems.

U.S. Open: 50 Years of Championship Tennis (under $50)

The United States Open is the Super Bowl of tennis. It’s the tennis equivalent of the final rose on The Bachelorette. It’s the night’s last bingo game; the winner is a new microwave oven — tennis. Rick Rennert’s book commemorates the 50th anniversary of the US Open in 2018. It’s chock-full of breathtaking photos, winner bios, and personal information befitting a tournament that, we must say, is the Price is Right Showcase Showdown of tennis.

Autographed Memorabilia

These personalized tennis gifts are ideal for tennis enthusiasts. According to what we can learn, you can choose between images and tennis balls. Get an autographed photo of Roger Federer or Serena Williams. Get a Pete Sampras or Andre Agassi autographed tennis ball. Our favorite is a photo of Rafael Nadal seated on a bench, appearing strangely forlorn or furious, with his signature confirming the whole vibe. We’ve got great news for you if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to spend $200 on a single tennis ball. But there’s good news: it’s an investment!

Boulder Portable Tennis Net Set (under $70)

This flexible recreation set combines three presents into one. Tennis may be played on any level surface if the net is left at its lowest position. Raising it to its maximum point creates a completely functioning badminton or beach volleyball net. There’s also a middle position, although we’re not sure what sport it’s intended to be for. Probably for badminton players who are hesitant to commit.

Tennis Ball Cake Pops (under $40)

There is nothing more delicious than a cake pop. They’re like miniature cakes with icing in each mouthful. You don’t need to worry about calorie counting because they are small enough. You don’t even have to like tennis to enjoy these delectable morsels.

How to Choose a Gift

When looking for a gift, it is essential to consider why the person is receiving it. A few ordinary occasions might help you decide what to give.

After you have decided on a reason, it is helpful to look for something unique and personal to the person. It could be something that demonstrates you took the time and effort to find the perfect gift for them.

What’s the occasion for giving the gift?

There are different times when you might give a gift to your coach. Here are some ideas for different kinds of gifts they might like.

Birthday or Holiday

Certain events during your tennis season will be necessary for your coach, like their birthday or a holiday. If you want to get them a gift for one of these events, it’s best to get something more personal or valuable that they can use for training.

Perhaps your coach has mentioned a piece of equipment that would benefit their training. They’ll be thrilled when they open it as a birthday present. As a bonus, you’ll show that you’ve been paying attention during practice. You could also get the equipment personalized for an extra touch.

Novelty or gag-gift items are always fun and show your coach that you know them and their personality.


Sometimes people have to leave for new jobs, new schools, or personal reasons. When this happens, giving your coach a farewell gift is a good idea. A good farewell gift expresses gratitude for all of your coach’s time and attention. It’s also a great way to remember all the good times you’ve had together. An excellent way to do this is by giving them something that reminds them of you, like a photo or print.

Thank You

Thank your coach or someone who helped you achieve a goal or improve your skills. Photos or prints make wonderful and heartfelt gifts. Don’t forget to include a personal thank-you note.

End of Season

Giving your coach a gift is a great way to finish the season. Signed tennis balls or picture frames are perfect for this. They will remember your team and how well you did this season.

Things to keep in mind

When looking for a gift for your coach, keeping a few things in mind is essential.


There are a few of our recommendations that allow for personalization. It’s a nice touch because it shows you thought about the gift. You can, for example, tailor a gift to your coach’s interests and personality. You can also personalize a gift with your team’s or players’ names. Your coach can remember how they helped your team for seasons.

What Does Your Coach Already Have?

It’s essential not to get your coach something they already have. It is especially true for equipment but can also apply to novelty and gag gifts. You may not want to give them a humorous noise dampener if, for example, they already have one they prefer.

When it comes to sentimental gifts, avoid giving your coach the same item two years in a row. If you gave them a framed signed photograph at the end of the previous season, consider giving them a giant signed tennis ball this year.

Final Thoughts

When purchasing a gift for your coach, remember that it is not about how much money you spend. Thoughtful gifts that recognize your coach and show your appreciation are ideal.

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