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The Best Shoes for Squash Players

Do you think that looking good leads to playing well? Even if you don’t believe it, give it a try. The best squash gear will make you feel confident, and with enough confidence, you can achieve anything in life–not just win a game of squash.

While rackets are usually the first thing people look at when trying to improve their game, squash shoes are just as important. The game is based on movement, and your feet should have a good foundation.

Good shoes and movement on the court are essential to winning squash. It would help if you had solid shoes, so you don’t get injured while playing. Nobody wants that. Let’s look at some of the best squash shoe brands to buy so you can have a better game.

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Salming Viper 3.0

Prince NFS Indoor II (Best for Wide Feet)

Asics Gel-Rocket 8 (Best Value)

Salming Kobra (Best Colors)

Salming Viper 3.0

The Salming Viper 3.0 Shoes are lightweight shoes that allow you to move around the court well. Players like them because they are made of textiles and leather, which makes them flexible and comfortable. They also work well on indoor courts.

The Salming Viper has a design that helps to relax the foot for creative movements. And it decreases strain on the big toe and foot, which can be a source of difficulty for players who suffer from foot pain.

These shoes have some excellent points, but they also have some bad points. The low profile might not be suitable for players with shaky ankles. Players also say that the heel support wears out quickly and that the laces need to be replaced.


  • Best toe and ball support
  • Fit is perfect
  • Vibrant colors and design


  • The heel has worn out quickly
  • A low-profile shoe that does not provide high ankle support

Prince NFS Indoor II (Best for Wide Feet)

Prince NFS Indoor II Shoes are synthetic mesh, which gives players comfort and air circulation. They are also a good choice for players with wide feet. The shoes are made with a toe cap for drag protection and materials inner and outer lining, which provides comfort, stability, and flexibility.

A lightweight Nubuck upper, padded collar, and unique lacing pattern make this squash shoe easy to personalize. This squash shoe is heavier than others and may not be ideal for fast players.

Many athletes don’t get enough support even with a wide-footed shoe’s protective liner. However, these shoes are excellent for squash players and can handle the game’s constant shuffling, lunges, and stretches. Everything that has many pros also has some cons with it.


  • Best for wide feet players
  • Maximum comfort
  • Very durable
  • Factory insoles are above average


  • Extra weight
  • lack of toe support

Asics Gel-Rocket 8 (Best Value)

The ASICS Gel-Rocket 8 court shoes are perfect for beginner squash players. They are light and easy to afford. These shoes were part of the Asics Volleyball Shoe series previously. Still, the flexibility of these shoes makes them great for squash.

These shoes are designed to help you move more quickly when playing squash. They have a special forefoot gel system that you can see in the midsole. This system allows you to move lightly and smoothly. Asics gel fastball also makes these shoes with NC Rubber®, which gives you a good grip on the squash courts.

These Asics shoes are an excellent value for a very reasonable price. However, the manufacturer’s soles do not offer the best support. Unlike other sports shoes, you will want to purchase shoe inserts separately to prevent your feet from hurting. Squash cutting and movement tear the fabric outside the shoes, especially on the toes.


  • Great value
  • Excellent floor grip
  • Lightweight


  • Factory insoles wear out quickly
  • The shoe size and fitting seem to be slightly big

Salming Kobra (Best Colors)

These shoes are designed in a different, limited color for both men and women. The Salming Kobra Shoe is one of the best squash shoes available. It provides firm and stable positioning for players while they are playing, and the fabric and mesh allow good air circulation for the player’s feet. Since squash is a fast-paced and active game, the player must have flexible footwear to enable them to move quickly.

The Salming Kobra is a strong shoe that can make it uncomfortable to be flexible. It does well with support and grip on the court, but the heel may wear down more quickly than other shoes.

The Kobra is excellent for professional indoor sports players, like squash games. It has a high-performance rate and durability, which makes it a good choice for squash players.


  • Heavier, which provides foot and ankle support
  • More comprehensive at the balls and toes for those with wide feet
  • Flashy designs and color options are available


  • Heavier than other Salming models
  • Expensive

HEAD Sonic 2000 Mid-Court Shoes

The HEAD Sonic 2000 is a stylish and comfortable pair of shoes for indoor courts. They are well-designed with an EVA midsole and a non-marking outsole that is low to the ground and made from rubber. It makes them perfect for activities like squash.

This new pair of HEAD shoes features many technologies that improve performance and comfort. The hidden heel stab mechanism, highly reactive heel foam, and injected TPU frame make the shoes more comfortable and improve play. Additionally, the Air Mesh material in the breathable upper section of the shoe allows your feet to breathe better.

The foot is well protected because the lateral stability keeps it from moving too much. It protects it from getting injured. The CXG technology helps to absorb shocks, which helps run. Plus, the Energy Bridge quickly transfers energy from the heel to the front of the foot when pushing off.


  • Mid-ankle support is great
  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Great heel support


  • Some players have noted that the sole began to peel off shortly after their purchase.

Things to Consider with Squash Shoes

If you play squash, it’s essential to have good shoes. When buying shoes for squash, don’t just settle for any old pair. Make sure they’re comfortable and supportive so that you can play your best.

When looking for squash shoes, think about weight, ankle support, and foot width. You want your shoes to be comfortable and fit well. A good rule of thumb is to replace your shoes as often as you work out. So, if you work out three times a week, you should replace your shoes three times a year.

Best Shoes for Playing Squash

Whether a beginner or a seasoned squash player, you know that the appropriate shoes can make or break your game. When looking for a new pair of squash shoes, choosing which pair is best for you might be challenging. This essay will examine some of the best squash shoes on the market and assist you in selecting the best pair for your needs.

Asics Gel Tactic 2

The Asics Gel Tactic 2 are a good choice for anyone new to the sport and unsure about the kind of nuances they are looking for in a shoe. These shoes are excellent for players of all skill levels because they provide good comfort, support, and durability!

These are shoes that can be used for playing volleyball or squash. The difference is that other companies make special shoes for playing squash, but Asics calls them volleyball shoes. They are made the same way as all the other brands’ squash shoes, even though they are marketed differently.

These shoes have a lot of cushioning and arch support. They are flexible in all the right places. They also have rubber on the outsoles, which makes them perfect for players who drag their toes on the court.

Adidas Stabil Next Gen

Among serious athletes, especially those who utilized the Next Gen, the Adidas Stabil X has generated some debate. The Next Gen has received nothing but positive reviews!

Although we have also tried it for squash, this shoe was designed primarily for volleyball. We enjoy how much the shoe extends past our ankles. It gives off a secure feeling and offers excellent protection against rotating the ankle.

These shoes are bulky, but they offer a lot of support. They have a stand-out design that makes them stable when playing sports. They also have Adidas’s “boost” technology, making them comfortable to wear for long periods.

Asics Gel Renma

Asics Gel Renma were designed for pickleball, but they are also good squash shoes for your knees. They have Forefoot GEL technology to help with impact absorption if you land hard. We tried them, and they are comfortable and forgiving shoes.

The shoes will feel great and provide a good grip on the court right when you get them. They will be close to your foot but not too tight. They also have a lot of cushioning, which is suitable for indoor shoes. They might feel a little heavy and high-up compared to what you are used to, but they are good at absorbing impact during high-intensity sessions!

Salming Men’s Kobra 3

If you have big feet, finding a sports shoe that fits comfortably is tough. If this is your problem, we recommend buying the Salming Men’s Kobra 3s.

Salming is a shoe brand that is popular among people who play squash. They are one of the only brands to make shoes specifically for squash players.

The Kobra 3s are a popular choice for squash players with wide feet. They offer good grip, cushioning, and support. Plus, the company’s own Recoil™ ERF (Energy Return Foam) midsoles give you a higher rebound from the first use. This will help you when returning tough serves.

Asics Gel Rocket 10

Asics Gel Rocket 10s are the best squash shoes for players on a budget if you’re a casual or beginning squash player who doesn’t want to spend much money on your next pair of squash shoes.

The Asics Gel Rocket 10s are a good choice for someone looking for a squash shoe that is affordable and comfortable. These shoes don’t have any reactive foam bases, but they are still supportive and durable.

Some players feel stiff when they first use them, but they will be great for all your games after they break them in.

Factors to Consider While Selecting Squash Shoes

Here are the factors to consider when looking for a squash shoe that is perfect for you:


The squash shoes should be non-skid and non-marking. This means that they won’t leave any marks on the court floor. It is also good etiquette not to wear your squash shoes outdoors. If you wear your outdoor shoes to play squash, you might get injured and make the court more dangerous (and dirty) for the other players. The gravel and mud will cause the soles of your shoes to wear down faster.

Shock Absorption

Look for shoes that have shock absorption materials in the heel region. This will help prevent or delay fatigue-related injuries to your feet.


It is essential to find a good balance between the weight and durability of a shoe. If the shoe is too light, you can move around the court faster, but the shoe will wear out more quickly.


The cushioning in a shoe is very important for preventing joint fatigue. Younger players don’t need as much cushioning as older players. If you have had foot injuries in the past, you should choose a shoe with extra cushioning, even if it is heavier and slower to move around.

Support Around the Ankles

This will depend on how big or small your ankles are. Too-tight shoes may not be comfortable for people with bigger ankles.

However, if your ankles are smaller than normal, your shoes may become dangerously loose and threaten the stability of your feet. Some people recommend wearing basketball shoes if you have a history of ankle injuries. Look for shoes with higher tops compared to standard shoes so they can provide more support for your ankle.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shoes Squash

How are squash shoes different?

For a pair of squash shoes to be effective, they must have the following features: Non-marking rubber gum soles to protect the floor. Sole design that provides good traction and stability. Shock absorption to prevent heel or ankle injuries.

Can you play squash in sneakers?

It is good etiquette never to wear your squash shoes outdoors. This means that you should wear a different pair of shoes when you go to the court and leave.

Can I wear basketball shoes for squash?

Yes, basketball shoes can be used for squash. They have a wide base and are designed to grip well on wooden court floors. They are light and comfortable for lateral movement and look better than squash shoes.

What is special about squash shoes?

Squash shoes are designed to deal with the high impact of running around a court. They support your ankle and prevent injury or discomfort. The grip of the “gum rubber” soles of all squash and racketball shoes is one of the most crucial factors.

What Is a Squash Shoe?

Squash shoes are shoes that are designed specifically for playing squash. They are similar to shoes designed for other hard-court indoor games but have some unique features too. These include lateral support to stop you from slipping.

Do You Need Certain Shoes for Squash?

The floors of squash courts are unsealed, so players must wear shoes that won’t damage the court. Shoes are available from several squash brands, but many players also wear very similar volleyball shoes.

What Shoes Do You Wear to a Squash Court?

Squash shoes are designed to handle the high impact of running around a court. It helps to prevent injury or discomfort. One of the essential features of squash shoes is the grip provided by the “gum rubber” soles.

Is There a Difference Between Squash and Badminton Shoes?

The main difference between squash and badminton shoes is that the latter is usually lighter. Badminton is a sport where participants spend more time in the air, which is why they need more lightweight shoes to move more quickly.

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