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The Top 10 Lightweight Tennis Shoes For 2023

Tennis is growing increasingly competitive as time passes. Winning a match or tournament is becoming increasingly difficult, dependent on several things. For instance, being extremely fortunate, choosing the proper shots at the right moment, etc.

Wearing the right tennis shoes is another important component that might help you succeed. The importance of wearing the proper tennis shoes cannot be emphasized. One of the most important characteristics to look for in a tennis shoe is whether or not it is lightweight.

This is significant because lightweight shoes provide a competitive edge on the court. It helps you to move quickly on the court while yet providing stability. The next question is, “How do I choose the best lightweight tennis shoes?”

Don’t worry; I’ve got you covered! In this article, I’ve compiled a list of the ten finest lightweight tennis shoes for 2023. Both men and women are included in this category. Let’s start with the women if you’re ready.

Product Name

Product Image


Nike Court Air Zoom Zero

Asics Gel-Solution Speed FF

Asics Gel-Challenger 12

Asics Gel-Resolution 7


You can play pickleball with just a paddle, a ball, and a net. You can also buy each of these items separately. Purchasing a complete set may have some advantages and disadvantages, but it is an option for some people.

1. Nike Court Air Zoom Zero

Responsiveness and Great Court Feel

The Nike Court Air Zoom Zero is the first women’s lightweight on my list, and it excels at giving remarkable responsiveness and a great court feel.

Additionally, the fabric and synthetic upper mix provides comfort and cushioning, making it ideal for usage on clay.

Smoothness and Cushioning

The Zoom Air unit, which runs the length of the shoe, is curved to provide responsive cushioning and comfort while turning around.

A crash pad also aids in the seamless transition from heel to toe. This prevents you from falling and injuring yourself.

Midsole and Outsole

The medial part of the outsole is wrapped around the toe to provide toughness while sliding on the court. This is ideal if you’re planning to play on clay or hardcourt.

On the other hand, the midsole foam sits on top of the front Zoom Air unit. Bringing it closer to the ground, sole foam is on top of the front Zoom Air unit to bring the unit closer to the ground.

2. Asics Gel-Solution Speed FF

Comfort and Support

The Asics Gel-Solution Speed FF is next, and it has gotten a lot of attention and views over the previous few years. Let’s look at why it’s so well-liked.

The upper is created with a flexion fit upper for starters to provide you a form-fitting fit without placing too much strain on your feet.

Second, the shoe has a seamless upper to limit the chance of friction and discomfort. This allows you to play extended bouts without risking injury to your feet.

Furthermore, a custom heel fit incorporates two layers of memory foam to provide ankle support.

Protection and Durability

Finally, a PGuard provides durability and protection in the toe area. Furthermore, Ortholite sockliners provide improved rebound, moisture control, and breathability.

Finally, the lightweight and responsive cushioning are provided by flyte foam technology. This enables you to deal with matches that are long and furious.

3. Asics Gel-Challenger 12

Breathability and Support

This tennis shoe has breathable mesh to keep your foot dry and fresh during the game. Even if it’s a grueling and lengthy contest. A mesh top also delivers form-fitting comfort without putting undue strain on your foot.

Outsole and Midsole

The midsole is made of a lightweight composite with improved cushioning and durability.

Furthermore, a gel cushioning system in the rearfoot and forefoot absorbs shock during impact and toe-off phases.

On the other hand, the outsole is made of a new blown AHAR material that offers exceptional cushioning, a smooth ride, and long-term durability.


A gravel-resistant tongue keeps trash and stones out of the shoe. A PGurard toe also covers your feet while providing toe durability.

4. Asics Gel-Resolution 7

Support and Stability

The utilization of the DuoMax Support System is one of the features that distinguish this tennis shoe. Asics has intentionally incorporated this function to provide you with support and stability.

Furthermore, the ComforDry sock liner provides exceptional cushioning and moisture-wicking properties for cool and dry use. This keeps your feet fresh for the duration of the game.

Midsole and Outsole

The outsole has a one-of-a-kind feature: it is constructed of tough rubber. This makes the shoe dependable, long-lasting, and free of markings on both hard and soft surfaces.

A Speva substance is utilized in the midsole to provide durability and prevent the midsole from breaking down.


A custom heel fit is created to keep your foot safe and comfortable in the proper posture. Also included is an anti-gravel tongue that keeps dirt and stones out of the shoe.

5. Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 3

Speed and Stability

Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 3 is the most lightweight tennis shoe I have for ladies. It’s well-known for its steadiness and speed. It also makes it simple to strike crosscourt wins and handle fast-paced encounters.

Cushioning and Sturdiness

An adiprene is inserted in the forefoot and heel areas to cushion and sustain propulsion.

Furthermore, an adituff, a different material, is employed in the forefoot to give increased durability.


Torsion is employed in tennis shoes to let your forefoot and rearfoot move independently during the play, resulting in a high level of stability and control.

Midfoot and Outsole

To provide the best blend of abrasion resistance, grip, and flexibility, and adiwear outsole is employed. Finally, midfoot webbing provides further stability on the court during quick cutting actions and stops.


1. Asics Gel-Court Speed Tennis Shoes

Lightweight and Resistance

The Asics Gel-Court Speed is one of the top lightweight tennis shoes for men. This tennis shoe combines lightweight and resistance to deliver remarkable comfort and performance on the court.


The shoes upper is constructed of breathable mesh. By allowing cool air to travel in and out of the shoe, your feet will stay dry and comfortable during the match.

In addition, the breathable mesh is an effective moisture control system.

This means it wicks away extra sweat and moisture that has built up. The outcome is that your feet remain dry and comfy during the game.


A Solyte midsole sits beneath the foot, providing lightweight cushioning to keep you light on your feet and agile on the court.

Furthermore, the Gel Cushioning Systems in the rearfoot and forefoot lessen shock impact while volleying, so you don’t damage your ankles or knees.

2. Asics Solution Speed FF Tennis Shoes

Support and Form-Fitting

The Asics Solution Speed FF is undoubtedly one of the lightest tennis shoes you’ll ever see. The flexion fit upper provides the form-fitting comfort and support you need in a high-intensity game. In addition, a PGuard toe guard wraps over the toes to provide durability and toe drag prevention.


Because the Asics Solution Speed FF is one of the lightest tennis shoes available, you will be able to leap higher on the court.

Flytefoam technology in the midsole offers you a true spring in your step and makes the shoe more responsive.

An Ortholite sock liner, which sits atop the midsole, is another substance used in the shoe.

This adds an added layer of soft and sanitary comfort to your step-in experience. This enables you to deal with difficult matches and unfavorable playing conditions.

Durability and Shock Absorption

The Twisstrust system will be highly beneficial to your feet. It provides support beneath the arch, prevents torsion, and absorbs shock while enabling the foot to move freely.

The AHAR outsole is also three times more durable than ASICS’ regular rubber, allowing for rapid transitions and a secure grip on the court.

3. Babolat Jet Mach II Clay Court Shoe

If you want a lightweight tennis shoe to play on clay, the Babolat Jet March II Clay Court is your shoe.

Material on the Outside and Inside

Mesh is used as the top material to enhance ventilation and comfort.

The inside material, on the other hand, is constructed of cloth. This provides a comfortable sensation on the court while keeping your feet cool and dry.


EVA is used to make the insole, which provides excellent cushioning and comfort. The sole, on the other hand, is constructed of rubber. This increases the shoe’s durability while also providing excellent grip and traction on the court.

4. Nike Court Air Zoom Zero

If you loved the Nike Court Air Zoom Zero for ladies, you’d want to check out the men’s version. On the court, this shoe has the same traits and capabilities.

Great Court Feel and Responsiveness

It excels at giving outstanding responsiveness and a superb court feel. Additionally, the fabric and synthetic upper mix provides comfort and cushioning, making it ideal for usage on clay.

Smoothness and Cushioning

The Zoom Air unit, which runs the length of the shoe, is curved to provide responsive cushioning and comfort while turning around.

Furthermore, using a crash pad aids in the seamless transition from heel to toe. This prevents you from falling and injuring yourself.

Midsole and Outsole

The medial part of the outsole is wrapped around the toe to provide toughness while sliding on the court. This is ideal if you’re planning to play on clay or hardcourt.

On the other hand, the midsole foam sits on top of the front Zoom Air unit, bringing it closer to the ground.

5. Adidas CourtJam Bounce Tennis Shoes


Adidas CourtJam Bounce Tennis Shoes are the most recent lightweight tennis shoe I have for men. One of the primary features of this tennis shoe is its breathability.

Air can easily enter and exit the sneaker, keeping your feet cool and fresh throughout the game.

Furthermore, Adituff is a thicker material employed to increase the shoe’s strength while also providing protection.

The Position Is Safe and Ideal

It would be simple to tighten and loosen your shoelaces with a solid lacing mechanism.

It also makes putting on and taking off your shoe incredibly simple and flexible.

A multi-directional groove on the outsole aids in digging into the ground and securing the foot in place. A heel wall is also retained in a strong and upright position, adding to the correct position.

Return on Investment in Energy

wThis shoe contains a mechanism that returns the energy you use while running, giving you an extra spring in your stride. Finally, a flat-lying tongue provides comfort by laying flat on foot.

Lightweight Tennis Shoe Trend

In recent years, top tennis shoemakers have pushed the envelope, offering lighter footwear while keeping the stability essential to perform and keep players safe.

Several variables contribute to this tendency, the most important being player demand and technological developments.

Player Demand

One of the most common issues tennis players have had about their shoes. It has been the weight, which has always been a must to ensure adequate durability, stability, and comfort.

However, as the game has evolved into a more aggressive and fast-paced environment, players must move as quickly as possible while improving their movement over long matches. Technological advancement has always minimized weight while maintaining other important characteristics such as durability, stability, and comfort.

However, advances in materials and design have substantially improved lightweight tennis shoes.

The lightweight Flytefoam midsoles from Asics are a superb example of shoe design. Flytefoam is 55 percent lighter than standard EVA midsoles, according to Asics lab tests, while providing 76 percent better cushioning.

The Jet Mach II from Babolat features a Matryx upper made of high-performance Kevlar and Polyamide fibers to provide a robust and stable shoe.

That means excellent performance with reduced weight, allowing players of all ages and levels to move more swiftly.

Inexpensive Lightweight Shoes

Contrary to popular belief, many of the lightest tennis shoes are affordable.

For enhanced longevity and stability, low-cost tennis shoes tend to forego some of the characteristics found in higher-end shoes. The outcome is lightweight tennis shoes that may not be equal to the standards of the most proficient tennis players.

As a result, some of the more expensive tennis shoes may not be the lightest. Some higher-priced solutions, especially those with other premium options, stress low weight.

When shopping for new tennis shoes, keep in mind that you’ll almost certainly have to compromise. If you’re learning how to play tennis, specific less expensive shoes could be great lightweight selections.

Tennis Shoe Weight Ranges

Let us compare a few of the most popular to put the weight of different tennis shoes into perspective.

Although this list isn’t exhaustive of every tennis shoe on the market, it does serve as a good starting point.

Men’s tennis footwear weighs between 11.7 and 16.2 ounces in size 10.5, while women’s footwear weighs between 9.4 and 13.7 ounces in size 8.5.

Comparing them will provide a helpful comparison point even if you don’t wear a 10.5 or a women’s 8.5.

These tables should give you a good idea of what to expect in tennis shoe weight from various brands.

Lightweight Advantages

Lightweight tennis shoes are required for some players. Here are a few reasons you should consider wearing this shoe style.


The most significant benefit of wearing a lightweight tennis shoe is that you can move around the court faster because there is less weight keeping your feet down.

Some lightweight shoes also have changed features to help with the heel-to-toe transition.

A lightweight tennis shoe can give you that slight advantage to return more balls to your opponent. Whether you’re taking an explosive first stride or rushing to retrieve a ball.


Although this isn’t always the case, most lightweight tennis shoes feature breathable mesh. Uppers provide terrific ventilation to help keep a player’s feet feeling fresh.

Suppose you play in hot climates or have trouble keeping your feet dry. Another reason to pick a lightweight pair of shoes is breathability.


Tennis is a physically demanding sport. Keeping your feet moving in the later phases of a match may make or break a player’s success on the court.

Although a few ounces difference may not seem like much, it might affect a player’s movement in a third-set tiebreaker when their legs feel heavy.

When you’re tired from a long match, the lighter your shoes are, the easier to keep them.

Mental Edge

Even if a player’s movement is unaffected by lightweight tennis shoes, the fast and agile sensation can translate to confidence and improved overall performance. There’s no doubt; that tennis is as much a mental game as a physical one.

Lightweight Disadvantages

Despite significant advancements in lightweight tennis footwear, there are still problems that frequently arise from reducing material.

The following are some of the most common complaints. Remember that I’m talking about the best shoes with extra weight, so lightweight shoes aren’t inherently terrible.


Durability is one area where lightweight tennis shoes fall short. Companies will restrict the quantity of protective material offered in footwear to keep the weight down.

The outsole, which is the dense, robust, and heavy rubber at the bottom of a shoe, is frequently where less material is used. To save weight while also causing players to wear out the shoes faster. Similarly, many tennis shoes include abrasion-resistant materials that wrap or cover the upper. These materials are reduced or eliminated to reduce weight in some circumstances.

As a result, a shoe’s durability tends to deteriorate as its weight falls.

As a result, many of the lightest tennis shoes don’t come with a warranty for durability.

Helpful Tip

  • Although many lightweight tennis shoes are not known for their longevity. You may rationalize purchasing shoes more frequently if you choose an affordable pair that costs less.

  • In some cases, you’ll purchase two inexpensive shoes that are lighter weight for less than a premium offering.


Adding material to the sole and upper of a shoe can help improve overall stability. As a result, as manufacturers reduce the quantity of material used across the shoe, they lose ground.

Because of innovative shoe design, less material is required to give enough stability. Most players even think that the most stable shoes aren’t always the lightest.


The midsole, usually made of lightweight EVA foam, is responsible for most of a shoe’s comfort. However, when the thickness of a midsole diminishes, the comfort and shock absorption decrease.

Some shoes will eliminate EVA foam or replace it with alternative technology, such as a Nike Zoom Air unit. Many people argue that it does not provide the same level of comfort.

Compared to other drawbacks, technological developments have allowed lightweight tennis shoes to be as comfortable as any other. However, it all depends on the shoe.

To find out more about selecting the best tennis shoes for your game, click here.

Final Thoughts

As our post on the top 10 best lightweight tennis shoes for 2021 draws close, I hope you’ve discovered the ideal lightweight tennis shoe for your game.

A lightweight tennis shoe will offer you a significant edge on the court by allowing you to run quickly while maintaining stability. Have fun, and I’ll send you lots of positive vibes as you play!

Frequently Asked Questions About Lightweight Tennis Shoes

Are Lightweight Tennis Shoes Better?

The sensation of running barefoot will be stronger the lighter the shoes are. The center of the foot, rather than the heels, provides you the extra time to shift feet and move quicker.

Do Tennis Players Have Different Shoes for Different Surfaces?

If you’re looking to mainly play pickleball outside, tennis shoes are a great option. You can use your indoor court shoes for outdoor play, but it may damage the rubber on the outdoor court. So it’s best to have a pair of tennis shoes specifically for playing outdoors.

Do Babolat Shoes Run Small?

Finally, Babolat shoes tend to run small, so most consumers and shops recommend ordering a half-size bigger to compensate. What exactly is this? Because they run a little small, they’re not ideal for people with broad feet. Size up a half or full size.

Do Lighter Running Shoes Make a Difference?

You’ll get greater long-term results if you go with lighter running shoes. Lightweight trainers result in reduced impact, tiredness, and recovery time. Jogging in light shoes and a leisurely gait pattern can help novice and seasoned runners.

How Much Do Hoka Shoes Weigh?

The Hoka Rincon 3 may be light and inexpensive, but it’s not light on comfort or support. It weighs just 6.5 ounces (184 grams). Comfort and stability are provided with a symmetrical footbed and balanced cushioning in this budget-friendly shoe.

Why Are Tennis Shoes Hard?

Hardcourt shoes will usually have plenty of cushioning and a midsole to assist you in putting energy into each step while also absorbing stress from the tougher surface. They often have a robust top for added support and durability.

Do Tennis Players Wear Cleats on Grass?

In fact, players wear specially made shoes to preserve their footing on the challenging and occasionally treacherous terrain. Wimbledon’s grass is entirely made of rye, which necessitates particular adaptations in the game and the tennis equipment.

Can Court Shoes Be Used for Tennis?

However, for most people, wearing court tennis shoes is essential. Another way of saying this is that you need to use tennis-specific shoes. These shoes are designed to provide you with the support, cushioning, and traction you require on a tennis court.

What Tennis Shoes Does Djokovic Wear?

Novak Djokovic has joined the Asics family. The revelation was revealed during a premiere on Thursday in Melbourne when the Japanese footwear maker unveiled the new Gel-Resolution Novak sneaker.

What Shoes Does Federer Wear?

On the other hand, Federer has stated that he would prefer to wear Nike until he is no longer an active player. Federer has chosen to remain with Nike despite his career’s ups and downs. He startled many when he ended his more than 20-year affiliation with Nike, which had sponsored his whole gear, in March 2018.

What Is the Difference Between Tennis Shoes and Sneakers?

Tennis shoes are specifically built for use during a tennis match. In contrast, sneakers are just shoes with rubber soles and a canvas top. Outside of the court, tennis shoes can be worn as sneakers, but sneakers cannot be worn as tennis shoes.

Is Zappos a Legit Site?

YES. Zappos is a legitimate company. They are not attempting to defraud you in any manner.

Are Vans Tennis Shoes?

The more pertinent question is whether Vans are suitable for tennis. And the answer is a resounding NO. Vans is a skateboarding shoe brand, and while their traction makes them something of an excellent tennis shoe, that doesn’t imply they’re the greatest. Here’s the thing: Vans aren’t a really comfy running shoe.

What’s Special About Tennis Shoes?

Compared to running shoes, Tennis shoes often feature a more robust outsole. This grip is designed to withstand the repeated stops, starts, and slides players put their shoes through on the court. They’re also designed for various surfaces, including hard courts, clay, and grass.

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