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Cheap Shoes for Tennis: The Best Options for You

Tennis is an expensive sport. It can be costly to buy a racquet, strings, balls, and court fees. You might need to purchase unique clothing, too. There are ways to save money on some things, but it takes some research.

Many different types of tennis shoes are affordable. You can find a pair of tennis shoes that work well and last for a while.

This article talks about how to find cheap tennis shoes at retail prices. But if you look on clearance sections of tennis websites, you can often find even better deals. The discounts in this article might be cheaper than what you see on clearance.

Right now, every shoe costs $100 or less. Tennis shoes that are performance models cost between $130 and $160. So if someone doesn’t need the best of the best, they can save a lot of money by getting cheaper options.

Product Name

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Nike Air Zoom Prestige

Nike Air Max Wildcard

Adidas Defiant Bounce 2

Adidas Game Court

7 Best Cheap Tennis Shoes

Players who enjoy wearing the Nike Vapor line should consider wearing the Nike Air Zoom Prestige. It doesn’t have the same technology as the previous model, but it mimics it.

The Zoom Air and Dynamic Fit System in these shoes make them an excellent choice for any player, and the XDR rubber outsole ensures they’ll hold up well during play. Plus, even though they’re less expensive than the performance line, they’re still great.

Some people care about the style of their Nike shoes. For those people, Nike makes a new version of the Air Zoom Prestige shoe every season. The latest version has the latest technology, but it also has a classic look.


  • It fits and performs similarly to the previous Nike Vapor tennis shoes.
  • Any foot form can benefit from the Dynamic Fit System.
  • On the heel, Zoom Air is quite responsive.


  • It could be a bit more durable
  • Pretty low arch overall

This tennis shoe is discounted and suitable for people who don’t play tennis. It is very comfortable and will stay on your foot. It has technology from different tennis shoes, making it a unique option.

The Nike Zoom Zero looks like the new Zoom Zero, but there is an exposed air unit. It has a ’90s vibe to it. People appreciate how well an Air unit cushions. Nike has a proven track record with all of the other technology available. However, it will not last as long as some more expensive tennis shoe models; Nike has put protection in all places. There is also crash padding to help players move around safely.

The sizing for this shoe can be tricky. The best way to look for the correct size is to try them on in person. If you can’t do that, don’t worry. At first, there may be some returns, but don’t give up on the shoe. Once you find the size you need, it’s a great shoe.


  • Air Max technology provides excellent cushioning
  • Outstanding durability for a recreational shoe
  • Provides a secure fit to aid stability


  • Hard to find the proper size initially
  • It feels a little too bulky for some players at 15.2 ounces

This latest release from Adidas is based on the original Defiant Bounce. They have made minor adjustments to the shoe to make it even better while keeping it affordable. It’s the best option for people who need a shoe to handle hard courts or clay courts.

The Adidas Bounce tennis shoes have a cushioning called Bounce. Many people think it provides the best cushioning for tennis. It is very responsive and can last for many hours of play. Plus, it gives you more energy with each step.

The upper on this shoe is something most players will appreciate. It is made from a seamless construction that provides good lockdown and support. You might have to get used to it at first, but it is worth it. The Defiant Bounce 2 is similar to more expensive Adidas shoes such as the Ubersonic 3 or SoleCourt.

Other people will like the flat, herringbone pattern on the sole of these shoes. They might want something that feels a little different. It makes them a great clay court shoe, but they might not be the best for hard courts. Most hard court shoes have a break to reduce weight and add flexibility, but Adidas seems to shy away with the Defiant Bounce 2.


  • Bounce cushioning provides excellent value
  • Works on hard courts or clay courts
  • Very durable outsole


  • It sits comfortably on the top of the foot.
  • It takes some practice to get used to seamless booty construction.

Adidas used to make the Barricade Court tennis shoes. These were cheaper, but they are no longer being made. Adidas has released the Game Court tennis shoes in the Barricade Court. The Game Court is less expensive than the Sole Court.

This tennis shoe is a good value. It is cheaper than other tennis shoes from different brands, but it still has good technology. The cushioning is good, and it also lasts for a while. It also looks stylish.

The construction of the booty comes from other tennis shoes that Adidas produces. This feature is helpful for many people who want a good fit.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Cloudfoam in the midsole provides endless comfort
  • Constructed to fit snugly in the upper


  • Stability isn’t the best
  • The outsole feels a little cheaply made

Asics offers a few tennis shoes that are not the best, but they are good. The overall value is the Asics Gel Game 7 because it is still good and cheaper than other shoes.

The Gel cushioning is still in the shoes, so people feel very comfortable wearing them. They feel comfortable on the court and in the gym. The upper part of the shoe feels like the brand’s top shoes.

The shoe is great because it provides stability and support. Players need to move around the court quickly without worrying about anything. As long as they purchase the right size, the shoe will feel comfortable during the entire match.

This shoe is similar to a top option, but the breathability is less, it feels a bit clunkier, and the outsole won’t last as long.

There is a slight difference between the Asics Gel Game 7 and other shoes. They are designed for recreational players, but they are good enough that professional tennis players could still use them. They are one of the best values right now, so it is worth checking them out.


  • Excellent stability and support for a low-cost shoe with Gel cushioning.
  • The feeling of lockdown is available.


  • Breathability could use work
  • It feels just a little clunky to some players

New Balance has long been a firm that offers affordable tennis shoes. They have expensive top-of-the-line models, but their knockdown versions are worth investing in.

The best value right now is the New Balance MC 796v2. It is a shoe that offers good value for your money. The New Balance MC 796v2 is now the best buy. The name might be a mouthful, but New Balance wants you to know how good this is.

This shoe is very comfortable. It feels as good as any other model of this shoe. But what distinguishes it is its small weight. Many players feel like they can move around the court better than ever before. They are surprised at how well it handles.

New Balance offers many colors to choose from, so your shoes will always look new. This shoe does not look like a less expensive tennis shoe model. It also performs very well for its price.

Some moving people think that the Elite Movers shoes are not stable enough to play in. But these shoes can be used by people who want to save money. Some people like to play in these shoes because of the field.


  • Very lightweight
  • Cushioning is soft and lasts
  • Available in many colors


  • The entire shoe lacks durability
  • Not particularly friendly for anyone with narrow feet

Wilson is one of the few tennis brands that doesn’t try to make as much money as possible. You can find a cheap tennis shoe, and it won’t feel like it won’t last. The Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 is designed for any player, including those who play at high levels.

The new model of Wilson shoes is not as good as the top models from major brands. However, it is a small step down. The comfort of the shoe from the beginning is perfect. Compared to the old model of the shoe, Wilson focused on adding more breathability. It helps during the later stages of a match; your foot needs to breathe and perform at a high level.

The Duralast outsole is not as durable as those with six-month durability guarantees, but it is still pretty stable. People are often surprised that the shoe’s durability makes it worth the investment. Often, companies make sacrifices with their cheaper versions, but Wilson does not cut any corners there.

The only difference between the shoe and other shoes is that the upper is bulkier. The materials aren’t as streamlined, so it has added weight. It shouldn’t get in the way of casual tennis players, but it is one of the few negatives about the shoe.


  • Outstanding durability
  • Improved breathability
  • Adaptive fit


  • Color choices are pretty limited
  • Upper is a little bulkier than someone hoped for

Best Cheap Tennis Shoes Reviews

If your expensive tennis shoes are ripped after a few months, you don’t have to wait until you have a lot of money again to buy new ones. A good solution is to invest in some good cheap tennis shoes.

Cheap shoes are affordable shoes. They usually cost less than $50, and they are comfortable to play in. If you have a good budget, you should check for the best tennis shoes for men and women. If your feet are flat, get flat tennis shoes, and if they are wide, select wide tennis shoes.

Check out the list of tennis shoes that we have gathered. These are some of the most affordable shoes on the market.

The Asics Gel-Dedicate 6 tennis shoes are popular because they offer a great tennis playing experience at an affordable price. These shoes have gel cushioning, which keeps your feet as cushioned as possible. They also have a stylish design, so you can wear them casually.

Asics offers some good cheap tennis shoes that have forefoot gel-cushioning. This helps to reduce the impacts of shocks. The shoes are also comfortable because they have balanced cushioning in the toe, arch, and heel areas.

On the contrary, Asics tennis shoes designed for people with a higher arch have been made with 100% synthetic materials. This makes them more stable. The toe area of the shoes has perforations to improve air ventilation.

One of the best things about these cheap men’s tennis shoes is that they have a solid rubber outsole. This helps create good traction and means that the shoes can be used on hard courts and rubber turfs without any problems.


  • Forefoot gel-cushioning
  • Supports ankle area
  • Durable design
  • 100% synthetic upper
  • Rubber outsole for strong traction


  • A bit tight for wide feet
  • White color can get dirtier easily

Courtjam by Adidas is one of the best options for cheap tennis shoes available. The shoes will cost you a little more than $50, but they are worth the price. They are very comfortable and look great too. This makes them perfect for players who need to move quickly and make powerful swings. Overall, Adidas has done a good job ensuring that people who have a limited budget can still enjoy playing tennis.

One of the main features of good cheap tennis shoes is that they are stable. The upper is made from synthetic and textile materials to ensure your feet are supported. Plus, the shoes allow breathability through perforations.

The presence of a lightweight, well-cushioned midsole enhances your ability to move about the court. These Adidas shoes have a midsole with shock-absorbing characteristics. Meaning it takes the force of your steps and cushions them so you can move more easily.

Adidas makes sure that these shoes are durable and affordable. The shoes are tough and can last for long on different courts.

The rubber outsole is strong and flexible, which helps you keep your grip on the tennis court. To make a rebound shot, you can easily go right or left.


  • The rugged upper is breathable.
  • Durable construction
  • The midsole is padded.
  • Low-weight frame
  • Casual design
  • Flexible rubber outsole


  • Roomy Toebox
  • No other cons

The Nike Court Vision Low shoes are meant for playing tennis. They are comfortable and stable and have strong traction. The top arch area is designed like a sock to ensure a custom fit without any worries. The shoes also have many features, which means your feet will never get discomfort, not even in the harshest situations.

Good cheap tennis shoes usually have a special kind of leather for the upper. This leather helps improve your playing experience because it is less likely to cause abrasion, especially in the toe and heel areas.

EVA midsole is responsible for providing agility and efficiency when playing tennis. It also helps keep the feet in the right posture by providing balanced cushioning to the toe, arch, and heel area.

The rubber outsole pattern found in Court Vision Low tennis shoes offers a perfect movement to the player and firm traction on the ground.

The Nike tennis shoes are a good value because they are made of leather and have a swoosh design on the sides. The shoes will be breathable and stable, important for tennis players. They will also keep your feet from smelling bad.


  • EVA padded insole-cushioning
  • Supports arch area
  • Durable design
  • 100% synthetic upper
  • Rubber outsole for strong traction


  • White color can get dirtier easily
  • No other cons

These cheap men’s tennis shoes from Feetmat are a good deal. They look good, and you can wear them to play tennis without getting tired. They also have better support, stability, and comfort than other shoes in this price range.

One of the important features of the best cheap tennis shoes is that they have a breathable mesh upper with support from the textile lining.

The rubber outsole on Feetmat tennis shoes will improve your grip on the ground. You will be able to move quickly and make better counter-attacks against your opponent.

These cheap club shoes can be used for playing tennis, but they can also be used for other activities like going out or doing other sports. You don’t have to worry about them not being able to do what you need them to.


  • Lightweight construction
  • Bendable shoes
  • Non-slippery rubber outsole
  • Full lace-up enclosure
  • It can be worn casually


  • The shoes won’t last for a long time
  • No other cons

Fila is the next brand of tennis shoes that offers a pair at a lower price point. However, their budget is always a concern. Consequently, the greatest inexpensive tennis shoes feature a distinct design. They will also complement any casual attire. In contrast, the price is less than seventy dollars. This is a win-win scenario for tennis players.

These tennis shoes are inexpensive and include a thick foam to absorb shock and make playing comfortable.

The use of synthetic materials in the upper layer of shoes improves their durability and support. Additionally, perforations prevent your feet from sweating.

The outsole is durable and flexible. This will protect your feet from a variety of injuries.


  • Lightweight construction
  • 100% synthetic upper
  • Foam cushioned midsole
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Bendable shoes


  • Color options are less
  • No other cons

The shoes from Adidas are perfect for anyone who wants a versatile pair of shoes. They can be used for many activities, like walking, running, or cycling. And the best part is that they’re a great value – you can get them for less than $80. I was shocked to learn how inexpensive they are, and I’m sure you will be as well.

Adidas Men’s tennis shoes have a FAUX Leather upper with polyurethane construction to make them durable. Perforation at the forefoot enhances breathability.

The presence of a rigged rubber outsole enhances ground traction. You can use them to play tennis, travel, or run without fear.

Adidas tennis shoes have a flexible and super responsive midsole. That helps keep your feet comfortable. You will never face any instability while wearing the shoes.


  • Super comfortable tennis shoes
  • Snug fit
  • Lace-up enclosure
  • Rubber outsole
  • Polyurethane, leather upper
  • Midsole is lightweight


  • a bit less traction
  • No other cons

These sneakers are a good choice if you need shoes to support you while playing tennis and look stylish. You can wear them to parties to impress the ladies. They are also good for running activities.

A lightweight and well-cushioned midsole makes playing tennis more comfortable for players.

The shoes upper is composed of synthetic materials to increase its stability. Plus, breathability options have been enhanced with the best cheap tennis shoes.

The outsole of these tennis shoes is designed with a distinctive tread pattern to enhance traction. You won’t have any trouble hitting different shots while wearing these shoes.


  • Knit mesh upper
  • Bendable shoes
  • Midsole is lightweight
  • The outsole helps to keep strong traction
  • Multipurpose shoes


  • Not as durable as expected
  • Bulky sole

K Swiss sneakers do not slip on wet surfaces, making them perfect for playing tennis. They also have other great features, like a Polyurethane Foam Sock Liner that gives you support and stability. Plus, they are a great value at less than 80 bucks.

The best cheap tennis shoes have a comfortable leather upper that allows your feet to breathe.

The thick CMEVA midsole helps to absorb the shock after landing on the ground surface. This prevents your feet from becoming fatigued.

These cheapest tennis shoes have a rubber outsole that helps you grip the ground. This will help improve your footwork skills.


  • Non-slippery tennis shoes
  • Collar lining ankle support
  • Comfortable leather upper
  • Loads of Cushioning underfoot


  • The toe box is a bit wide
  • No other cons

BRONAX is not a famous footwear brand, but the shoes it has introduced are extremely stylish and affordable. The Graffiti type fashion done on the shoes is eye-catching, and there is no problem regarding the comfort and stability of the feet.

One of the best features of cheap tennis shoes is a flexible rubber outsole. This helps you move better on the court by providing a strong grip.

The upper is made with knit mesh materials which makes it very breathable. However, this means that the shoe is not very stable.

The shoes can be worn for more than just playing tennis. You may also wear them to parties, college, walking or running, and college.


  • Comfortable midsole
  • Unique blade rubber sole
  • Upper of breathable mesh knit
  • Flexible shoe
  • Suitable for tennis play


  • A bit less durable
  • It will barely last a few months [with heavy use].

Things to Consider Before Buying


When looking for the best cheap tennis shoes, it is important to consider traction. The outsole of a running shoe needs to provide enough traction for the athlete to avoid slipping during running. This is an essential component of high-quality tennis shoes, as it aids in maintaining a solid footing when moving around the court and playing well. Your running shoes must have the best friction/resistance if you often make quick or abrupt movements.

To guarantee that your tennis shoes have adequate friction/resistance, our staff recommends opting for a treaded sole constructed from a durable rubber material. Soles made of soft rubber typically do not last as long.

However, our staff also recommends exercising caution when selecting rubber soles. Rigid rubber soles may not help with resistance or friction. It may become overly slick and hazardous, especially if your shoes lack traction.


People look for stability in a tennis shoe because it is important for having multi-directional movements.

Players typically move side to side, backward, and forward. Some movements even need many rapid starts and abrupt stops.

Ankle injuries can happen if you don’t have enough foot support. This happens when your shoes are not stable enough.

Type of Court

  • Hard Court

Most people wear tennis shoes when playing on a hard court. The tread on the shoe should be for a hardcourt. Even though it’s not always necessary, we suggest finding a tennis shoe with a herringbone pattern. This pattern is good for hardcourts and works well on mixed court surfaces.

  • Clay Court

Tennis shoes with a unique pattern on the bottom are good for clay courts. This pattern makes it easier to slide on clay courts, and it also helps get rid of any dirt or debris as you move around.

  • Grass Court

Grass court shoes are different from other types of tennis shoes. They have small studs or rivets that help with friction on grass courts. Additionally, they can be more expensive than other tennis shoe models.


It is important to consider how comfortable you will be when using the best tennis shoes while playing. Remember, if you are going to practice with your tennis shoes, you will likely be using them for a long time. If they are uncomfortable, especially if you have flat feet, it could lead to an accident like ankle twisting or even bruises on your toes.

Foot Ventilation

One essential thing to consider when choosing cheap tennis shoes is ventilation. This is important whether you live in a hot or cold climate. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and pair them with some good socks.

Suppose you are looking for a tennis shoe that is very breathable and comfortable. Consider acquiring a pair of shoes with a mesh upper as a result. This material will allow cooler air to enter the shoe, displacing the hot air that is now present. Additionally, it is essential to remember that darker colors absorb more heat than lighter hues.


No matter how good your tennis sneakers are, they are a waste of money if they aren’t durable. They must be able to resist rigorous training and last the entire day. The Vapor X is a good example of a durable tennis shoe. Ensure the shoes you buy are abrasion-resistant, so the sole doesn’t wear out quickly.

The durability of sneakers/shoes often depends on the rubber outsole or bottom layer. This is because it is constantly in contact with the court. Most pro players and experts suggest looking for tennis shoes with imported rubber soles. This type of rubber is durable and can be used even during frequent use, like the Vapor X.

Non-Marking Outsole

You should protect the court where you play tennis. This will help to keep the court in good condition.

Therefore, it is best to buy the best tennis shoes that feature non-marking outsoles. They won’t leave scuff marks around the court like the Vapor X.

This is tennis player etiquette, especially when playing at public courts and clubs.

You may learn more about the tennis-themed things that are available for purchase by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cheap Shoes for Tennis

Can You Wear Normal Sneakers for Tennis?

If you feel more comfortable playing tennis in running shoes, you should play in running shoes. You must be comfortable and able to play your best tennis.

Is There a Specific Shoe for Tennis?

There are different types of tennis shoes, all designed differently. Tennis shoes have a flat design and specific patterns on the soles, depending on the court surface you usually play on. Other types of shoes have thicker heels and less cushioning to lessen the impact. When you play, tennis shoes are more robust.

What Is the Difference Between Tennis Shoes and Sneakers?

There is a difference between tennis shoes and sneakers. Tennis shoes are designed to be used during a tennis match, while sneakers are regular shoes with rubber soles and a canvas topping. Tennis shoes may be worn outside of a tennis match. However, sneakers are not permitted.

What Is the Difference Between Tennis Shoes and Running Shoes?

Tennis shoes are designed to be used on the tennis court. They have features that running shoes don’t have, like lateral support and stability.

Can I Use Nike Metcon for Tennis?

If you’re a tennis player who wants to focus on your training, the Nike Metcon 2 Training Shoe is excellent. It provides stability and traction for strenuous workouts, and it also looks good.

Is Airmax Good for Tennis?

The Nike Air Max Wildcard shoes are perfect for street-style people. These shoes have Air Max cushioning, making them comfortable for all levels. They also have a one-piece upper, which gives them a fashionable look.

Can You Wear Volleyball Shoes for Tennis?

There are different types of shoes for playing other sports. Tennis shoes have an aggressive sole, so the player can grip the court and move around quickly. Volleyball shoes have to cushion and support to help you move side-to-side on the court soon.

How Tight Should Tennis Shoes Fit?

The best tennis shoes fit your feet like a glove. They should be neither too tight nor too loose. They should allow for comfortable movement while providing adequate cushioning on the inner sole.

What Makes a Shoe a Tennis Shoe?

Tennis shoes are flat and have a specific pattern on the sole. It is so that they can be used on different court surfaces. Other types of shoes have thicker heels which makes them less impactful.

What Shoes Does Federer Wear?

Federer has said that he will continue to wear Nike until he is no longer an active player. He has had a lot of good and bad moments throughout his career, but he has decided to stay with Nike.

Are Basketball Shoes Good for Tennis?

Basketball shoes are not the best for playing tennis, but they can be used more than tennis. Basketball shoes don’t have the same structural features as tennis shoes to help them withstand playing on a tennis court.

Can You Wear Regular Shoes for Tennis?

Suppose you are most comfortable playing tennis while wearing running shoes. In that case, you should wear whatever shoe is most comfortable for you. However, most people need to wear court tennis shoes to play at their best.

Are Tennis Shoes the Same as Tennis Shoes?

Tennis shoes are designed to be used while playing tennis. They have lateral support, which sneakers do not have.

Can You Wear Basketball Shoes for Tennis?

If you play tennis frequently, you should avoid wearing basketball shoes on the court. The basketball shoes do not allow for the necessary lateral mobility during play, resulting in the ankle, foot, and knee injuries over time. You are also more likely to trip or fall.

Are Tennis Shoes Different From Running Shoes?

Tennis footwear is intended for usage on the tennis court. They provide lateral support and stability, which is important when playing tennis. On the other hand, running shoes focus on cushioning, which is not as important when playing tennis.

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