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The Best Tennis Racquet for Senior Players

You are in the right place if you’re seeking the best tennis racquets for seniors. This blog post will discuss some of the best options available for you. We will also provide helpful tips on choosing the right racquet for your needs. So, whether you are just starting or are a seasoned pro, read on for advice on choosing tennis racquets that is perfect for you!

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Babolat Boost Drive Tennis Racquet

Wilson Milos Tour 100

Wilson Burn 100LS Tennis Racquet

Wilson Federer Control 103 Unstrung

Best Tennis Racquets for Senior Players

Some older players are still winning games in their local senior league. However, senior players must use a tennis racquet that fits their physical abilities. If they don’t, they might get tennis elbow, making it hard to play and affecting their lifestyle.

Are you looking for the best tennis racquet for senior players? Look no further. We can help you find the perfect racquet for your needs.

Babolat Boost Drive Tennis Racquet

The Babolat Boost Drive tennis racquet is ideal for senior players because it helps to preserve your top game. The racquet is comfortable and accessible, so you can continue playing at your best even as you get older.

Graphite makes up the Babolat Boost Drive racquet. 260 grams. 680 cm2 racquet head. 16×19 string pattern. The balance of the racquet is 345 mm. The string strength ensures that players do not need to put a lot of power behind their swings to hit the ball hard.

The Babolat Boost Drive is an excellent racquet for older tennis players. It helps them powerfully hit the ball without using up much energy. This racquet is also less expensive on Amazon than on some others, so that it might be perfect for you.


  • Strong construction
  • Comprehensive Head to ensure you reach the ball.
  • Pricing is reasonable.
  • It does not require maximum effort to get a powerful strike.


  • It does not have a wide range when it comes to string tension.

Wilson Milos Tour 100

The Wilson Blade line of racquets is a high-quality brand. This particular listing we’re recommending is of the highest quality because it has a great value, and you’re getting a lot for your money. The racquet is excellent because it has a large head size, despite being a lightweight racquet. This feature makes it perfect for senior players.

The racquet will weigh 284 grams when it is unstrung. Its Head measures 100 square inches, and its balance is 345 millimeters. The racquet is made with graphite and carbon fiber. Considering everything, this is an excellent racquet for senior players because of the technology and price.


  • Excellent price
  • Brilliant technology, larger Head despite the lower weight.
  • includes bonus items such as a case.


  • Despite its lighter weight, it can still be a touch heavier, so more effortless shots may not appear as easy for some.

Wilson Burn 100LS Tennis Racquet

This Wilson tennis racquet is designed for people who want the power of a large racquet but don’t want the added weight. The handle is bigger than other racquets, and the design removes weight from the Head so you can move faster.

This racquet is designed for people who want to play tennis. It has a head size of 100square inches, and it weighs 297grams. The string pattern is 16×19, and the racquet is 27inches long. This racquet uses technology to help you hit the ball with more spin. It also has a long handle for better swings.


  • Spin-Effect technology
  • Beneficial shock absorption
  • Long handle for double-handed play.


  • The Head’s surface area is not as vast as the previous additions.
  • Prices can vary depending on currency and purchasing timing.

Wilson Federer Control 103 Unstrung

For the third time, Wilson has made a list of racquets. This time, they focus on budget-friendly options for people who want to start playing tennis at an older age. The Wilson Federer Control 103 racquet is perfect for beginners. It offers everything you need to develop your tennis skills, including powerful grips, huge heads, and tense strings.

This racquet is named after Roger Federer. It is designed for advanced players. The head size is 110square inches, and the racquet weighs 309grams. The string arrangement is 16 x 19, and the racquet measures 27.3 inches in length.

This racquet is a good option if you are on a tight budget or just starting. It has all of the advantages of prior entries. The only downside is that it feels a bit heavier than the others.


  • Excellent value for money.
  • When swinging and striking, a large head provides stability and power.


  • Slightly heavier than earlier entries in this article.

HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet – Strung

This tennis racquet is designed for people who want a large head size and a light racquet. A large head size means you can hit the ball harder, and a light racquet means you can move it around more quickly. The long handle also gives you more reach when hitting the ball.

This racquet is 115square inches big and has a beam of 28.5mm. The string pattern is 16×19, which is the usual pattern. This racquet might be good for you if you want to get an edge in a game of tennis as a senior player because it is lightweight, even though it is bigger.


  • Large Lightweight Head that Never Misses
  • Long beam length for rapidly achieving the final array of balls
  • Rapid shots, simple to swing


  • It doesn’t have a casing like the others.

Wilson Tour Slam Lite Tennis Racquet

The Wilson racquet is a good choice for beginners or people who don’t have a lot of money. It is lightweight and easy to use. It has a large head surface area, making hitting the ball easier. The racquet also has shock absorption, which helps reduce the impact on your arm when you hit the ball.

This racquet is made of aluminum material and is 27.5inches long. It also has a head size of 112square inches and weighs 10.2oz when strung. The string pattern on this racquet is 16×19.

 This Wilson Tour Slam Lite Tennis Racquet is suitable for older people. It has a handle that helps absorb shock. The racquet also has a large head area. It is easy to swing and very light. Lastly, it is a good value because it is not expensive.


  • Handle with lightweight shock absorption
  • Less expensive option
  • Friendly for newcomers


  • Probably not the best option for experienced or professional gamers.

Prince Textreme Premier 120 Tennis Racquet

This racquet is designed to give you an edge in games with its large head size and added length. Even though it is larger, it is said to feel smaller than it truly is.

This tennis racquet is good for people who need a lot of space to play. But some seniors don’t like it because it is so big. It may take a little time to get used to this racquet, but it’s worth it because you can play well with it.

This racquet has a total head size of 120square inches and is 27.75inches long. It weighs 9.8oz when fully strung and has a string pattern of 16 x 19 like other racquets.

It is the racquet for you if you want an oversized racquet. It is heavier than most other racquets, making it more powerful. You will be able to hit the ball farther and with more force. The size and length of the racquet also make it easier to hit the ball in certain positions.


  • Larger Head
  • Longer beam length
  • It can feel lighter than it is
  • Ideal for experienced gamers seeking an advantage


  • A bigger Head makes it tougher to maneuver.

Tennis Racquet: PROKENNEX Ki Q Plus 5

ProKennex created the Ki Q Plus 5 Pro tennis racquet for older tennis players. It should be more innovative and have better details than other racquets.

ProKennex believes you need to be passionate about something to be creative and innovative. To find what you are passionate about, you need to find a perfect fit for yourself.

The ProKennex Ki Q Plus 5 Pro is forgiving and comfortable. It is excellent for people who are elderly or not up to full speed. The racquet has a head size of 100in2, frames and shaft made from graphite Spiraltech, a string pattern of 16 x 20, a beam width of 22mm, and a length of 27″.

The ProKennex Ki Q Plus 5 is an excellent choice if you want a racquet that is easy to use and won’t hurt you. This racquet is perfect for those who are not as experienced or who are getting older and need more help with their swings.


  • Excellent weighting and comfortability of use.
  • Frames that are forgiving to use for an extended period. Ideal for senior tennis players.
  • When purchased, the racquet beam includes a carrying case.
  • ProKennex is a recognized business with a long history of consistently high-quality tennis racquets.


  • It can be a bit pricey for those who are only looking to begin in the sport of tennis.

Volkl V-Sense V1 Mid Plus Tennis Racquet

Volkl is a German company that is known for its sports expertise, especially when it comes to tennis and skiing. Volkl stands out among tennis racquet manufacturers because it is dedicated to creating racquets ideal for players at risk of developing tennis elbow or who already have the ailment.

Volkl is a famous tennis racquet brand amongst those who are more serious about the sport. Racquets in the V-Sense line are designed to work well with doubles matches, a more popular game among senior players. The strength and comfort of these racquets can bring a lot of satisfaction to those who use them.

This specific racquet has a balance of 325mm and a weight of 285grams. The head dimensions are estimated to be around 660mm2, and the length is 68.5cm. The frame profile is 28mm also.

The Volkl V-Sense V1 Mid Plus tennis racquet is an excellent choice for senior players who want to play in doubles matches. The racquet is designed to help players hit the ball with more power and accuracy.


  • Combats tennis elbow
  • Caters to doubles matches
  • Volkl’s reputation for high-quality products
  • The perfect combination of strength in use and comfortability


  • Once again, it can be a bit pricey for casual players not looking to use this racquet often.

Wilson Clash 108

The Wilson Clash 108 is a good option for senior players because it provides reasonable control and feels. It has a large head size of 108 inches, giving you more error margin. We also like its FreeFlex technology, which allows the tennis racquet to bend with any swing style.

The StableSmart frame geometry ensures stability throughout the game, which is excellent for senior players who want to swing big without losing control. At 10.5 ounces, the racquet is one of the most maneuverable options for seniors. The Clash 108 also features a slightly extended length (27.25 inches), giving older players and intermediate players a higher swing weight and better reach for more power.


  • Good plow-through
  • Extended handle for better reach
  • A large margin of error
  • Easy to control
  • Bends on any swing


  • Costly
  • Weak on slices

HEAD Radical Oversize Limited Edition

This racquet has a black and yellow frame that is perfect for classic players. It weighs 340 grams, making it heavier than the ProKennex Ki Q+ 5 Pro, and it provides a 64 flex so you can deliver powerful swings.

The classic graphite construction is durable and designed to last an extended period. This Wilson racquet has a controlled 18 x 19 string pattern that works well with the oversized head 107 square inches head size. The large racquet head size also gives you a giant head for a more significant margin of error, which delivers slightly more leeway than a control racquet. It does have a hefty 330+ swing weight. However, the racquet is quite forgiving, giving you an edge in your return game.


  • Easy on the arm
  • Forgiving string bed
  • Easy to reach depth
  • Long handle for higher swings
  • Adds plenty of spin


  • Grip could be better
  • Lacks control

Wilson Blade v7 104

The Wilson Blade v7 104 has a new feature called FeelFlex. This makes the racquet more reliable and firm. The head size is 104 square inches, which gives you more room to hit the ball without making mistakes. The V7 104 is a new line of Blade tennis racquets with a different string pattern than the previous model.

Another good thing about this tennis racquet is that the stiffness decreased from older versions. This makes it more comfortable for more senior players. The Parallel Drilling feature also makes the string bed more forgiving. As a result, you can swing the racquet harder without worrying about the impact.

The Wilson Blade v7 tennis racquet is user-friendly, giving you easy depth, power, and spin. However, the extra length of the racquet may take some time. The 16×19 string pattern provides more power on serves, but you may initially lose control of your shots.


  • Easy on the arm
  • Forgiving string bed
  • Easy to reach depth
  • Long handle for higher swings
  • Adds plenty of spin


  • Grip could be better
  • Lacks control

Babolat Pure Drive 107

The Babolat Pure Drive is a good tennis racquet for people who want a large sweet spot in their swing. This racquet has a head size of 107 square inches, which is one of the largest sizes available.

The Babolat Drive 107 racket has FSI Power Technology. This means that the diamond-shaped grommet holes give you a more open string pattern, which makes the ball stay on the stringbed for longer.

The Pure Drive 107 racquet is designed with a minimalistic aesthetic to give players a clean look on the tennis court. The Cortex system is built into the racquet to give you better control of your swings. The Woofer Technology gives you optimum control and power, and the racquet features an anti-elliptical frame for continuous swinging speed.


  • Arm-friendly racquet
  • Plenty of spin
  • Oversized racquet head
  • Ball stay longer on stringbed
  • Anti-elliptical frame for power


  • High stiffness level
  • Slightly disconnected feel

Tips When Choosing a Racquet

When looking for tennis racquets for seniors, it is important to find ones with power and comfort strings. This is because older players don’t need to use as much muscle power in their swings, which can cause arm issues.

These strings are flexible and suitable for seniors, people who have just started playing tennis, and kids. They are ideal for people who use natural gut or nylon strings.


The lower your tension, the longer the ball dwell time, which increases the power in your swings because of the trampoline effect. A low string tension also increases comfort because it reduces stringbed stiffness, affecting the torque and vibrations felt by your wrist, elbow, and shoulder.

Tennis racquets for seniors have been designed to be lighter, with a string tension of 52 pounds or less. This gives you more speed, power, and comfort, but you may lose some control.

Comfort – Are They Arm-Friendly?

Just like you would need specialized shoes if you have flat feet, you need an arm-friendly racquet if you are an older tennis player. It would help if you looked for racquets that integrate new technologies that reduce vibration. This prevents you from having a tennis arm.

When looking for a racquet, try to find one that is comfortable. These racquets are lightweight and have an oversize head size. This will help you quickly generate power with your swing.

Singles or Doubles?

You can use most senior racquets for both singles and doubles play. However, if you want to focus on a particular type of match, you must choose a racquet suited for that type of play. For example, tennis racquets feel better when serving, and others feel better when hitting groundstrokes.

Do you want more power or more maneuverability when playing singles? Different shots are essential in singles and doubles matches, so choose a racquet that fits your playing style. No racquet can fit everyone, so find the right one for you.

What Senior Players Should Avoid

Senior players need to be careful when they play. They need a good warm-up before they start playing. They should eat a light breakfast and go into a sauna room if they play indoors. Players should also avoid creating anywhere outside the baseline. If they do, the opposing player might use them as a target instead of the baseline.

You don’t want to use your service and return with your lightweight racquet in a way that will tire you out. When playing against a senior player, use a body serve.

Choose the right racquet weight that you are most comfortable with. Ideally, you should choose a lighter racquet weight and an oversize racquet if you last played tennis a while ago.

Buying Guide

When buying something, the price is always the essential thing to consider. But if the product is of good quality, you might be able to forgive a higher price.


If you are a senior player, you might not be as strong or have as much resistance as someone younger or more advanced. That’s why it’s essential to consider your weight and size when playing the sport.


There are many different types of racquets. When buying a racquet, choose a trusted brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Tennis Racquet for Senior Players

Should I Play With a Lighter Tennis Racket As I Get Older?

Lighter racquets are easier to move around and swing. They are also stiffer, which means that the shock from hitting the ball is transferred to your joints less. Heavier racquets are harder to move and will make you tired more quickly.

What Is the Best Tennis Racket Size for Adults?

Most players do well with a head size range of 98 (632.26 centimeters) to 105 in² (677.42 cm²). As for length, most people do well with a racquet that is 27 inches (68.58 centimeters) long. When it comes to tennis gear, nothing beats trying out different things on the court to see what works best for you.

What Does L1 L2 L3 L4 Mean on a Tennis Racket?

The number on the grip (L5) refers to the size of the handle on the racket. The bigger the number, the bigger the handle. Ladies should choose between L1 and L2, and men between L2 and L3 with a maximum of L4.

How Do I Know What Size Tennis Racket I Need?

The length from your thumb to ring finger is about right. Keep in mind that there is some flexibility with grip size. If you have a choice between two sizes, go with the smaller one if you prefer to hit a lot of topspin strokes. It makes it easier to grip and hit ‘over’ the ball.

What Does a Lighter Racquet Do?

A lighter tennis racquet might help you move faster. This extra ability to move quickly can be an asset when you’re playing close to the net or against a fast opponent.

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