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The Best Shoes for Metatarsalgia

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Brooks Ghost 14

New Balance 990v5

OOFOS Original Thong

Birkenstock Arizona Soft

What To Look For:

Shock Absorption

When selecting shoes, seek shock absorption. It is important for both treating and preventing pain in the metatarsal area. Shoes that are good at absorbing shock will make you less likely to feel pain when you walk, run, or jump.

This technology will help your body deal with the pain and discomfort when you hit your bone structure. It will lessen the neural sensitivity and also any possible inflammation.

Two portions of any pair of footwear are in charge of shock absorption. In athletic shoes, the midsole provides the most cushioning.

On the other hand, you should acquire footwear with the appropriate insole. It will cradle your foot and add an extra layer of softness. If you need custom orthotics or like clean footwear, definitely choose a pair of shoes with a removable insole. If this is not available in your chosen style, you’ll have to pay closer attention to how it feels when it touches your foot.


The second most important thing about shoes for people with metatarsalgia is the support they offer. This condition is often caused by a lack of arch support or pronation difficulties that stress the forefoot. Metatarsalgia symptoms include scorching pain. The correct shoes will support your arch without affecting your gait cycle.

This list includes neutral-backed models. It means they are appropriate for people with a medium arch who don’t over or under-pronate. You can still buy these shoes if you have any known issues with your feet – like flat feet or high arches. You’ll need to remove the insoles and insert your orthotics to give you the correct fit under your foot.

However, other models, such as the Birkenstock Arizona, New Balance 990v5, and the Brooks, offer more support in this area. Making them an excellent option for those who know they need more support.


The outer sole is the bottom of the shoe that you see. It is usually rubber. Rubber is a light material, and it also lasts a long time. It is suitable for shock absorption and has grooves to make it slip-resistant.

Rubber soles are very strong. They are made to last a long time. It is essential for runners because they need shoes that can handle a lot of impacts and will not wear down quickly. Rubber soles help to spread the impact out when someone is running or walking so that no one part of the foot takes all the force.

Football is where most of the energy is stored when you take a step. It is also where you feel pain if you have metatarsalgia. Pain can be avoided by reducing pressure on the ball of the foot.


One of the reasons you might get blisters is because your footwear is too tight. Please pay attention to how the upper feels when you put it on.

When choosing shoes to wear to look your best, you should avoid pointed-toe heels. They will not be comfortable and can cause problems for your feet. Choose shoes with an excellent design and enough forefoot room to avoid squeezing toes and joints.

You can choose from a lot of different types of shoes. You need to find a wide, round-toe design. You can select leather if you want something that looks nice and will last.

Choose a more flexible material like breathable mesh upper or knit. These are often used in athletic shoes. Some manufacturers are starting to add stretch fibers to these materials so they will better fit your foot without being too tight.


Wearing improper-fitting shoes is a common cause of metatarsalgia. When your shoes are too broad, too small, too large, or not wide enough, shoes that are too large make your foot slide around and move inside the shoe. It makes it hard for your foot to land correctly and can cause stress on the foot. Too tight shoes crush your foot and put stress on your feet.

Correct fitting footwear is essential for keeping your feet in place. It’s important to avoid shoes that are too tight because they won’t stretch out over time. If a shoe is too elastic, it won’t hold its shape for long and won’t keep your foot in place.

A shoe’s wide toe box and roomy toe box are essential for keeping your toes and feet from cramped. It will help keep the stress off the bones in your feet and stop the nerves from getting pinched.

Top 7 Shoes for Metatarsalgia

1. Brooks Ghost 14

One of the world’s most outstanding running shoes boasts new technology and innovation. They collaborated to build a pair of running shoes with underfoot cushioning and comfort. You’ll enjoy the updated jacquard upper, which is highly breathable and ensures a great fit. Whether you wear them for training sessions or daily, you’ll love how great they look.

Another great thing about Brooks shoes is that they come in several widths so that you can choose the perfect fit. One of the best midsole materials, BioMoGo DNA, responds to your running and walking shoe style. The cushioning and energy return level will be customized based on how much force you generate when you run. For example, the cushioning will be firmer if you are a heavier runner.

The heel area of the shoe has a DNA Loft shock absorbing system that prevents force from traveling up the legs. The front of the shoe has traditional Crash Pads that distribute landing impact over the entire foot.

This technology helps people run more efficiently. The lines on the ground help to put your foot in the correct position for running.

2. New Balance 990v5

New Balance is a corporation that has been in business for a considerable time. People have faith in the things they sell because of the excellent reputation that the company has earned. The 990v5 is a shoe that has been refined to a high level. It has a rubber sole makes it light and cushioning while still providing support.

The distance from the shaft to the arch is 3 inches. It gives more cushioning and arch support to buyers with metatarsalgia needs. It sports a soft tongue and sturdy collar to avoid ankle and foot chaffing.

The midsoles of these shoes are designed to support and cushion the arch and ball of the foot. It takes the pressure off the ball of the foot, which is where people with metatarsalgia often feel pain. These shoes are tailored to provide extra padding in the sole, but they usually don’t weigh a lot or feel dense.

Footwear like the New Balance 990v5 is made with blown rubber in the outsole. Lighter and easy to walk in. They also have a higher price range than some other shoes in that category, but buyers can feel confident in their purchase.

3. OOFOS Original Thong

The OOFOS Original Thong sandal will provide ultimate comfort as soon as you put it on. The sandal thong makes walking feel like walking on air and cushions your entire sole, particularly the ball of your foot. Where people who suffer from pressure-point pain find foot pain relief, these sandals feel like they are massaging your feet with every step. They are perfect for someone who has problems with pain in the ball of their foot.

The footbed’s texture points to massage your feet with every step. The textures aid in distributing the weight of your body as you take each step. It is better for your feet than traditional shoes, which send reverse energy back into your feet.

The OOFOS original thong helps absorb energy and reduce the stress and impact sent back into your body. It is very reasonably priced and durable. You can even machine wash it to make it easy to clean. This sandal can be worn daily, so you’ll get a lot of use.

4. Birkenstock Arizona Soft

Many people are familiar with Birkenstocks and how they mold your foot when you slip them on. The footbed’s rigidity is the one issue that some individuals have ever complained about.

Birkenstock listened to customer complaints and designed their shoes with a soft footbed for the ultimate cushion and support. Since 1896, Birkenstocks have been a mainstay in the market and are renowned for providing excellent support and being quite comfy.

The Birkenstock Arizona footbed is often imitated but never duplicated. They improved their design by making the footbed softer and more support for those who needed it. The footbed is made of contoured cork and latex, which conforms to each individual’s shape to provide cushion and stability.

Dual adjustable straps on the footwear can help to adjust the fit daily. It is helpful if the foot swells on some days but doesn’t have enough room in regular shoes. If you want to wear shoe socks with your Birks, you can adjust the buckles to give your foot more space.

5. Brooks Addiction 14

The Brooks Addiction 14 running shoe is a stability shoe that feels lightweight. The midsole has features like BioMoGo DNA material and a Progressive Diagonal Rollbar for support. There is also a cushioning foam insole. It will keep your feet comfortable when you run.

The BioMoGo DNA midsole is a key part of Brooks running shoes. It helps to provide support with the Progressive Diagonal Rollbar. The BioMoGo DNA material is very responsive; the harder you push the shoe, the faster the midsole will respond.

The Progressive Diagonal Rollbar is a technology that makes Addiction 14 very stable. It runs through the shoe’s entire length and helps guide you through a proper gait. It can help correct any issues you might have with pronation.

The BioMoGo DNA material we discussed earlier is also in the foam insole. This material helps to form the foot-shaped toe box, just like memory foam insoles do. It will help to cushion your feet and support them no matter how they change over time.

6. ASICS GEL-Venture 8

Products from ASICS are renowned for being supportive, long-lasting, and comfy. A new midsole and top were added to the GEL-Venture 8 to increase its level of shock absorption. It is precisely what people with metatarsalgia need for their feet.

They are made with a one-piece outsole that makes them rugged and finished on the bottom with multi-directional lugs that improve traction.

The ASICS Venture has a gel layer in the rear foot that helps absorb shock and prevents it from going into the foot. It is helpful for people with metatarsalgia because it prevents pressure from being put on the ball of the foot.

ASICS knows that not every sock liner will mold perfectly to the foot. That is the reason behind the removable sock liner. It allows buyers to purchase customized inserts that provide support on the ball of the foot to the individual. ASICS also comes at a lower price range, so they are a great buy.

7. Hoka One One Bondi 7

The Bondi 7 is a comfortable update to the original Bondi sneaker. It has a full-length EVA midsole and Meta-Rocker Technology to make your ride more comfortable. The upper has mesh panels for breathability, and the rubber outsole provides good traction.

The most common material for midsoles is EVA foam. This foam provides support for wide feet, shapes, and conditions. It also has a minimal long-term compression rate, which means it keeps its shape for longer.

The Meta-Rocker technology used in the Bondi 7 is a key feature of Hoka One One shoes. This type of outsole is designed to help you walk properly and add support to your metatarsals.


Metatarsalgia is a condition that can be caused by wearing shoes that are too tight, running a lot, or having certain foot deformities. Even though it is not considered a severe condition, the ball of your foot becomes inflamed and painful, which can sideline you.

If you have Metatarsalgia, you need to wear proper footwear. It includes shoes with arch supports and shock-absorbing insoles. That means you can’t wear high heels or dress shoes.

“Comfortable shoes” does not have to equal “ugly shoes,” and today, we’re here to show you that! We’ve conducted comprehensive reviews of the top-quality shoes suited for Metatarsalgia. We promise you’ll discover a pair that will let you walk long distances or work long shifts quickly and confidently!

Metatarsalgia Common Symptoms/Complaints

  • It has sharp pain in the ball of your foot – the part of your sole just behind your toes.
  • Pain around your second, third, or fourth toes, or merely near your big toe;
  • If you have pain that gets worse when you stand, walk, or run and improves when you rest, it may be due to an underlying condition.
  • The pain that is sharp or shooting;
  • tingling or numbness in your toes;
  • Pain that becomes worse when you stretch your feet;
  • A sensation in your foot that you’re walking with a stone in your shoe;
  • It increases pain when walking barefoot, especially on a hard surface.

Symptoms can sometimes develop if you’ve been doing more running, jumping, or other high-impact exercises recently. But usually, the problems develop over time.

3 Best Walking Shoes for Metatarsalgia

1. Saucony Men’s Zealot ISO Running Shoes

Suppose you can no longer run because of your Metatarsalgia, but you still want a good pair of running shoes. In that case, the Saucony Men’s Zealot ISO shoes might be perfect for you. Unlike other popular brands, this company focuses on designing and making the best possible running shoes. Suppose you want to feel supported and comfortable walking. In that case, these lightweight and highly well-cushioned shoes will help you walk further distances.

The Zealot ISO 2 shoes are lighter and softer than their predecessors. They have a minimalistic design with a premium ISOFIT upper. It creates an attractive sleeve-like design from the midfoot to the forefoot. The shoes are 100% synthetic with a rubber sole, making them perfect for easy-paced walks and low-impact training.

The Saucony Zealot ISO running shoes are compatible with treadmills. They can also be worn when walking on flat, hard soil. They have a rubber sole that makes them more durable and performs better. They also have anti-slip properties that keep your feet secure and comfortable. The toe-box space is enough for people suffering from Metatarsalgia without any discomfort.

The Zealots are responsive shoes. It means that they will cushion your foot no matter how you land. They also have a heel-to-toe offset of 4mm, which makes them good shoes for Metatarsalgia. You can also get them in several grand color schemes, but the grey/slime/orange combination is particularly striking.


  • Very cushioned sole
  • Super lightweight
  • Great value
  • ISOFIT midfoot


  • Only one width size

2. Brooks Men’s Ghost 11 Running Shoes

Walking is excellent for your health. It’s a good way to fight anxiety, and it also helps your blood pressure and back pain. If you have foot pain, the Men’s Ghost 11 running shoes by Brooks might be a good choice.

Brooks makes shoes for runners. They are highly cushioned and comfy to walk in. The company has just added a new DNS loft foam under the heel, which makes the shoes more responsive.

The rubber sole offers superior stability and longevity. It is ideal for all terrains and weather situations. Even in the rain, there will be no slips and slides, which makes it superior to many average walking shoes. Because there is no inner sleeve, these fantastic-looking shoes are pretty large. The lace loop, another great design, protects the tongue from moving.

The structured mesh provides an excellent fit for your feet. The shoes are also breathable and do not cause sweaty feet or foul odors. The Ghost is running, and walking shoes are excellent for long-distance walks or if you have to stand on your feet all day. They are also affordable and come in ten different color options.


  • Very responsive
  • Great breathability
  • No slippage
  • Spacious


  • A bit heavy

3. New Balance Men’s MW928 Walking Shoes

Many foot conditions might require you to consider the type of shoes you wear. Along with Metatarsalgia, other issues such as bunions, flat feet, or extra weight on your ankles may require purchasing a particular type of shoe. The New Balance MW928 might be a good choice if you have any of these problems.

Many people recommend shoes from this company because they are so comfortable to walk in. The shoes are lightweight and have a deep toe box. It makes them suitable for people with foot conditions like Metatarsalgia. The shoes are also made entirely from leather, except for the rubber material on the soles. They have stabilizing technology and ABZRORB cushioning, which is great for absorbing shocks.

The shoes have a removable PU bed, so you can use your custom-made orthotics if needed. There are five different styles of these shoes, all of which are great for everyday wear. They also come with Velcro straps, which are great for seniors who might have difficulty tying laces.

These New Balance classics are offered in broad and wide sizes, so your feet will not be squashed or pinched. Your feet will stay dry, the shoes will remain odor-free, and there won’t be any sweating thanks to the Lightning Dry Lining.


  • Great for many foot conditions
  • It comes with a Velcro option
  • Removable footbed
  • Ultra-comfortable


  • Not enough color options


If you are going around your house without shoes on, stop it! You need to wear shoes to protect your feet. Most slippers do not offer much support, but these shoes do. They are excellent for providing support to your feet while you potter about at home and also give your toes some relief.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Shoes Metatarsalgia

Is New Balance Good for Metatarsalgia?

The New Balance 928 shoes are the best for walking if you have metatarsalgia. These shoes are very responsive and help people a lot when relieving that annoying pain in the metatarsal area. They are made with the highest quality of soft leather and come with a wide variety of styles and colors for you to choose from.

Is Walking Barefoot Good for Metatarsalgia?

The discomfort could be severe, mild, or searing. The ache may worsen when you stand, run, flex your feet, or walk on a hard surface.

How Do You Walk With Metatarsalgia?

Metatarsalgia is a type of pain that can occur in the ball of your foot. Many things can cause this pain, such as choosing shoes with good soles, avoiding walking barefoot, and using a pumice stone to remove calluses from your feet.

What Is Metatarsal Bones?

The metatarsal bones are the bones in the front of your foot that connect to the cuneiform and cuboid bones. There are five metatarsal bones, one for each toe.

Do Metatarsal Pads Help Plantar Fasciitis?

You can use metatarsal pads to help with foot pain and plantar fasciitis. However, it is ideal to find shoes that allow your feet to move more naturally.

What Is the Heel Counter of a Shoe?

The heel counter is a supporting material on the back of your shoe. It will help keep your heel stable, and it will also shape around your Achilles tendon. If you have a firm-fitting heel counter, it can help reduce your risk of getting blisters. It also provides ample support.

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