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Slow Man Women’s Sock Sneaker Walking Shoes

Skechers Women’s Walk Joy Walking Shoes

Tiosebon Women’s Athletic Walking Shoes

Brooks Women’s Ghost 13 Running Shoes

What Are Bunions?

Bunions are bumps on the base of the big toe. They can get bigger and more painful over time. People with bunions may have trouble walking or running. They can also cause redness and inflammation in the skin.

Wearing shoes that are too tight or have pointed toes can cause bunions. Bunions can also develop in people with rheumatoid arthritis as they get older. Wearing supportive and roomy shoes can help keep the bunions from getting worse. It is painful to walk with bunions, but wearing the right shoes can help you manage the pain better.

Can Shoes Correct Bunions?

Unfortunately, shoes do not correct bunions. However, they can work to relieve pain and discomfort when you are wearing them. Shoes with large toe boxes and strong sole support will help ease pressure and itchiness on your bunions. We’ve included 12 similar pairs of shoes in the next section.

12 Best Shoes For Bunions

1. Slow Man Women’s Sock Sneaker Walking Shoes

The Slow Man Women’s Sock Sneaker Walking Shoes are ideal for individuals with bunions due to their air cushioning technology. To protect the feet from damage and injury, they can be worn for lengthy periods when standing or walking. These shoes have a round toe and a medium-to-wide width for a comfortable fit.

The mesh upper makes the sneakers lightweight, breathable, and flexible. The MD outer soles are slip-resistant and wear-resistant. These slip-on shoes feature an elastic opening for simple donning and a high arch and heel for further support. They are appropriate for everyday use.


  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Breathable
  • Non-slip sole
  • Perforated arc
  • Air cushion
  • Easy to wear


  • Not waterproof

2. Skechers Women’s Walk Joy Walking Shoes

The Skechers Women’s Go Walk Joy Walking Shoes are very comfortable. They are made of lightweight material and have a natural fit. The shoes also have a one-piece air mesh fabric with a featherweight sock liner that expands to accommodate the foot. The heels absorb impact, and the air-cooled GogoMat technology insole provides added support. These shoes also come with a padded collar and heel top loop for easy wearing and removal.


  • Padded collar
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Flexible
  • Cushioned midsole
  • Soft lining


  • Expensive
  • Excessive cushioning

3. Tiosebon Women’s Athletic Walking Shoes

These Athletic Walking Shoes from Tiosebon are the best regarding breathability. They have a durable air mesh upper and holes in the soles to promote ventilation and drying. It means you don’t have to worry about sweaty feet in hot and humid weather conditions.

The Solyte midsole helps to absorb shocks and makes the shoes more comfortable. It has an elasticized, soft mouth, making it easy to put on and take off without tugging at the feet. The shoes are also lightweight with a sock-like fit and come with a non-skid MD sole that provides good traction. They are also fitted with a latex insole and arch inserts for support and cushioning.


  • Quick-drying
  • Breathable
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Slip-resistant
  • Easy on and off


  • Soles are not durable.

4. Brooks Women’s Ghost 13 Running Shoes

Running with bunions can be painful. If you are wearing the incorrect footwear, the situation may become worse. The smooth transitions and comfortable cushioning of the Brooks Women’s Ghost 13 Running Shoes make jogging, cross-training, and exercise much simpler. Using a combination of BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning, the shoes produce a balanced underfoot experience.

These shoes have a shock-absorbing system and a soft midsole to cushion your landings and takeoffs. They also have an air mesh upper that will keep your feet in a secure and breathable fit. The shoes are also PDAC A5500-certified, which means you can get reimbursed for them if you have diabetes.


  • Shock-absorbing
  • Secure fit
  • Cushioned
  • Lightweight
  • Soft mesh lining
  • Qualify for medical reimbursement


  • Expensive

5. New Balance Women’s Walking Shoes

The New Balance Women’s Walking Shoes are perfect for your everyday routine. They feature a 100% leather upper and rubber outsole with high durability and comfort. The shoes support the rear-foot movement and enhance motion control and stability. The cushioned midsole absorbs impact, while a removable PU foam footbed gives additional support for long periods of wear. The seamless phantom lining minimizes discomfort and friction. In addition, the anti-odor treatment keeps your feet fresh.


  • Shock-absorbing
  • Enhanced support
  • Long-lasting
  • Odor-resistant
  • Irritation-free


  • Not waterproof

6. Orthofeet Orthopedic Women’s Walking Shoes

The Orthofeet Orthopedic Women’s Walking Shoes have a unique closure system that makes them easy to wear and remove. The shoes are also designed to fit narrow or wide heels and have an adjustable heel strap for a snug fit.

The uppers are made of a breathable fabric with a PU trim and a seam-free polyester lining. The arch support on the insoles and shock-absorbent soles alleviate pain and pressure while absorbing impact. These built-in systems move the foot fast ahead.


  • Adjustable heel straps
  • Tieless lacing system
  • Wide toe-boxes
  • Seam-free protective interior
  • Foam padding
  • Include orthotic insoles
  • Arch support
  • Breathable


  • Difficult to wear

7. Vionic Women’s Tokyo Sneakers

The Vionic Women’s Tokyo Sneakers are designed to be ergonomic. It means that they have a rubber sole that is flexible and stable, perfect for an active lifestyle. They are made from mesh and artificial materials and come with a removable EVA orthotic arch insert for all-day support.

These supportive shoes have a three-zone comfort system that enhances stability and promotes natural alignment of the foot and the knee. The deep heel cup, extra forefoot cushioning, and additional arch support match the natural contours of your feet to relieve pain.


  • Ergonomic rubber soles
  • Promote stability
  • Breathable
  • Flexible and cushioned outsoles
  • Support natural alignment
  • Podiatrist-designed


  • Mesh upper does not last long.

8. Orthofeet Orthopedic Women’s Shoes

The stretchable Orthofeet Orthopedic Women’s Shoes are designed with a strap and elasticized laces that offer a fully adjustable fit and easy wearability. They are fitted with orthotic insoles and ergonomic soles to provide optimal cushioning and support, making them ideal for plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammertoes, and arthritis. The non-binding fit and extra-wide toe-boxes protect pressure points while the arch support realigns the body and feet to relieve pain. The flexible upper and soft padded lining eliminates friction on the skin and offers a comfortable fit.


  • Adjustable fit
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Ergonomic soles
  • Arch support
  • Padded interiors
  • Removable spacers
  • 60-day wear test
  • Stretchable upper


  • Heavy and bulky

9. Orthofeet Orthopedic Women’s Closed Toe Sandals

The Orthopedic Women’s Closed Toe Sandals from Orthofeet have lightweight cushioning soles to absorb impacts and make walking easier. The 100% leather upper is adjustable to provide a comfortable fit.

The shoe comes with removable spacers to help if your feet are narrower. Orthotic insoles offer arch support to help your feet and your body. These closed-toe sandals have advanced built-in technologies to assist with plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, arthritis, and bunions.


  • Adjustable straps
  • Seam-free interiors
  • Ergonomic soles
  • Arch support
  • Padded interiors
  • Cushioned heels
  • 60-day wear test


  • Bleed color

10. Denacare Women’s Wide Width Shoes

The Denacare Women’s Wide Width Shoes provide a comfortable fit that reduces pressure on the toes. They include an adjustable hook-and-loop closure to accommodate swollen or edematous feet, bunions, and plantar fasciitis.

The upper is constructed of a lightweight, breathable cloth with a plush interior. It will help keep your feet dry and sweat-free. Your feet will be protected from impact, and the strong heels will help you maintain your balance. One of the most effective ways to alleviate pain and suffering is using an insole made of memory foam. Extra spacers allow a tailored fit.


  • Comfortable wide fit
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Non-skid soles
  • Memory foam insoles
  • Breathable
  • Adjustable Velcro closures
  • Machine-washable


  • None

How To Shop For The Best Shoes For Bunions – A Buying Guide

1. Material: Lightweight and stretchable Shoes are suitable for bunions. Materials like mesh fabric and soft leather uppers reduce pressure and stretch to fit the foot.

2. Fit: Wearing wide or extra wide shoes is a good idea if you have bunions. It will help to make sure that your feet do not get constricted. The widest part of your foot should match the widest part of the shoe, and the toe box should accommodate the bunion bulge. Shoes with adjustable straps or lace-ups will allow you to customize the fit, making them more comfortable. Inner linings should also be seamless, so they do not irritate your bunions.

3. Support And Cushioning: Shoes with cushioning can help you walk without feeling as much pain. Additionally, they will ease some of the impacts, making walking easier on your feet. Look for shoes with a good arch and rubber soles to get the most support.

You must get the right size when buying shoes to help with your bunions. The shoes are too small or too big, which can worsen the bunion problem. When selecting a shoe size, the following are some considerations to keep in mind:

11. Orthofeet Arcadia Walking Shoes

The Orthofeet Orthopedic Walking Shoes make walking easier for people with bunions. It has multiple cushioning layers that help to realign the feet and body and ease pain along the hips, lower back, and knees. The cushioning sole absorbs impacts while propelling the feet forward and adding a spring to the step.

These leather shoes are constructed with comfort in mind.


  • Anti-odor fabric and foam
  • Breathable
  • Padded heels
  • Arch support
  • Extra-wide width
  • Ergonomic soles
  • 60-day wear test


  • Expensive

12. Orthofeet Whitney Leather Sneakers

Orthofeet sneakers are designed to cushion your feet and help you push them forward with minimal stress on your joints. They have a wide toe-box and extended width for a comfortable, relaxed fit that reduces pressure on swollen feet, bunions, and hammertoes. The stretchable leather uppers and soft padded interiors minimize pressure points and friction on your skin. The orthotic ergonomic insoles provide arch support to realign your body and feet, which can help ease pain in the foot and heels.


  • Extra-wide toe-boxes
  • Removable insoles
  • Foam padding
  • Breathable
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee


  • Expensive

When choosing shoes for bunions, it is important to find shoes that will help you cope with the pain and discomfort. Consider footwear with a roomy toe box, smooth leather, and adequate arch support.

How To Size Your Shoes?

1. Width: The scale from narrow to wide goes from AA to EE. Pick a wide size so your bunions have plenty of room to avoid pressure.

2. Length: The numbers in inches (US) and other national standards measure the length of your foot.

3. Toe-box: You should ensure you get a wide toe-box. It is the most important part of the shoe when it comes to avoiding bunions. A roomy toe-box gives your toes enough space with no pressure on the bunions.

There are some things to avoid if you want to prevent bunion pain. Keep reading to learn more.

Tips To Avoid Bunion Pain

1. Avoid High Heels: If you have bunions, it is best to avoid high heels with steep inclines. These shoes put too much pressure on the balls of your feet, which makes the bunions worse. You should only wear elevated shoes with a gentle slope, like platform shoes or wedge heels.

2. Wear Flats: Flat shoes are more comfortable and supportive than high heels. Because they uniformly distribute your weight over the shoe, they relieve tension on your bunions.

3. Wear Socks: Make sure you don’t wear closed shoes without socks. It can cause friction and irritation to your bunions.

4. Avoid Basic Shoe Models: When looking for shoes to wear, find models with the width and support you need. It is essential if you have bunions, as basic models may lack these features and lead to more pain.

If you have bunions, it’s essential to wear shoes that fit well. It is especially true if you’re running or walking a lot. Shoes specially designed for people with bunions are flexible, lightweight, and made with breathable materials. They also usually have cushioned mid-soles and quick-drying qualities.

These shoes are slip-resistant and shock absorbent. However, avoid shoes that are not durable or waterproof.

Best Shoes For Bunions That Relieve Pain And Irritation

The joint at the base of your big toe may hurt if you have a bunion. It has the potential to prohibit you from engaging in activities that bring you delight. Bunions can be made worse by either overly restrictive or too rigid footwear. This pain can be alleviated by wearing shoes with a large toe box and providing adequate arch support.

If you find comfortable shoes to wear all day, you need one that is roomy around the toes and has a snug fit in the heel. The upper part of the shoe should be breathable and stretchy. The sole should be cushioned and supportive. We looked at shoes with all these features, how durable they are, and what sizes they are available.

Here are the best shoes for bunions:

Rykä Devotion Plus 3 Walking Shoe

The Rykä Devotion Plus 3 has comfort and flexibility that is perfect for women with bunions. The stretchy, knit upper provides plenty of flex and space to relieve pressure from your bunions while offering solid support. The cushioned cushioning and sturdy outsole absorb shock and impact.

These shoes are ideal for busy women or individuals who spend a lot of time on their feet and feel excellent right out of the box. The shoe is available in women’s sizes 5 to 12 and regular or wide widths, making it the best choice for people who require more toe room.


  • It comes in regular and wide sizes
  • Lightweight and breathable


  • Wear down quicker than other options
  • Narrow tongue design

Running Shoes From Hoka One One Bondi 7 for Men

Hoka One One’s Bondi running shoes are a great choice if you’re looking for a shoe that will help you stay injury-free. The designed mesh upper stretches and moves with your foot, relieving pressure on your bunions.

The Bondi shoe has high-performance comfort because of its thick, full-length midsole cushioning. It ensures smooth and efficient riding. They are available in men’s sizes 7 to 14 and in medium, wide, and extra-wide widths for individuals who require more frontal room.


  • Come in medium, wide, and extra-wide sizes
  • High-quality, performance cushioning


  • Expensive
  • Bulkier than other options

Asics GEL-Contend 6 Running Shoes

The Asics GEL-Contend 6 running shoe is a versatile and cheap solution for guys with bunions. The mesh on the shoe is breathable and has just the correct amount of flex to avoid rubbing or pressing on your bunions. Furthermore, the foam-cushioned midsole provides flexible support. At the same time, Asics’ renowned GEL cushioning system in the rear and forefoot improves overall comfort and aids shock absorption.

The lightweight and durable Content is available in men’s sizes from 6 to 15. It also comes in medium or extra wide widths, so it’s a good choice for people who need a wider shoe. Plus, it’s affordable, so you won’t have to break the bank.


  • It comes in medium and extra-wide widths
  • Plenty of flexible support


  • Not ideal for flat feet
  • Materials not as durable as other options

New Balance WW928v3 Walking Shoes

The New Balance 928 walking shoe is a high-quality shoe known for its comfort and support. It has a perfect combination of firmness and high-energizing cushioning, which helps to support and protect your feet while you walk. The shoe also has soft upper leather and a wide and deep toe box, which can help to avoid pain from existing bunions. The shoe is available in women’s sizes 5 to 13, and in a range of widths, so it is easy to find a shoe that will keep you walking pain-free.


  • It comes in narrow, wide, extra wide, and extra-extra wide sizes
  • The wide and deep toe box


  • Less stylish than other options
  • Requires a little break-in period

Propét Women’s TravelActiv Mary Jane Flat

These Propét shoes are a great example that shoes don’t have to be bulky and ugly to help with bunions. They are stylish and very light. They are made from a stretchy material that gives your toes plenty of room to move. The engineered mesh lining also helps keep your feet dry and comfortable.

These shoes are great for going out and about and traveling. They are offered in a range of widths and colors, as well as sizes ranging from 6 to 12 for ladies. They include a durable rubber outsole and plush cushioning inside for walking comfort.


  • Come in a variety of widths
  • Made with flexible, stretchy material


  • The top strap runs short
  • Less supportive than other options

Vionic Miles Running Shoes

If you’re dealing with plantar fasciitis and bunions, the Vionic Miles running shoe is a good choice. Podiatrists design the shoe’s footbed to provide cushioning and support. The flexible dual-layer mesh upper relieves pressure on your bunions. Women’s sizes 5 through 12, as well as medium and wide widths, are offered for this shoe.


  • It comes in medium and wide widths
  • Podiatrist-designed footbed


  • Less durable than other options
  • Less cushioning on the forefoot

Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed

Birkenstocks are a good choice for shoes during warm weather. They are also suitable for running errands and relaxing at home. They have arch support and a sturdy footbed. The upper is made of soft leather, which is comfortable for people with bunions.

The memory foam footbed ensures long-lasting cushioning comfort. The EVA outsole provides lightweight, shock-absorbing support. These sandals are ideal for men and women and are available in European sizes 35 to 46, which corresponds to a women’s 4 to a men’s 13 in American sizes.


  • Both sturdy and comfortable
  • Incredibly durable


  • Require a brief break-in period
  • Sizing can be tricky

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Shoes for Bunions

Should I Buy Wide Shoes if I Have Bunions?

If you have bunions, it is important to find the right shoe. You should choose a shoe that is functional over fashionable. The shoe should have a wide front so that all your toes fit comfortably and a soft sole to cushion each step. The material of the shoe should be stretchy, such as leather or canvas.

Can Bunions Go Away?

Bunions will not heal on their own and will get worse if left untreated. The treatment aims to lessen the discomfort caused by the bunion as well as halt its progression. However, in some cases, a doctor may recommend surgery.

Do Flat Feet Cause Bunions?

You are more likely to get a bunion if you have flat feet. It is because how you walk can cause problems with the alignment of your toes. Try to walk with your toes aligned properly to prevent a bunion from getting more significant.

What Shoes Should I Wear With Bunions?

If you have more severe bunions, Orthofeet shoes are a great option. The broad toe box and increased depth of this pair provide plenty of room for the toes, while the stretchy knit material and padded interior relieve pressure on bunions. The shoes come in Wide and X-Wide sizes.

Are Wide Shoes Better for Bunions?

Some people believe that wearing wide shoes will help relieve bunion pain. The big toe has more excellent room to move, thanks to the wide soles. However, extensive shoes may be overly hefty and cumbersome for your feet.

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