The Best Men’s Tennis Shoes for Comfort and Style

You need good tennis shoes to provide support when you play. The shoes should also give you the freedom to move around the court quickly. They should have a good grip and protect your feet and joints.

Tennis shoes are different from running shoes. They make moving laterally easier and safer. They also have more grip on the outsole to play better. They are made with high-quality materials that will last longer on different tennis courts.

If you want to buy a good tennis shoe, this article will share the top five shoes. These shoes are discussed in great depth and feature the best tennis shoes men should have.

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Best Overall: ASICS Gel-Resolution 8 Tennis Shoes

Best Budget: New Balance 696 V4 Hard Court Tennis Shoe

Best for Wider Feet: K-Swiss Men’s Bigshot Light 3 Tennis Shoe

Best for Lightweight Stability: Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 2 Tennis Shoes

Men’s Best Tennis Shoes

Asics is a prominent and highly respected brand of athletic footwear. This company makes shoes that are comfortable and durable. They also designed shoes for stability, which is important when playing sports.

The Asics Gel-Resolution 8 men’s tennis shoes provide comfort and support with a Flexion Fit Upper. This technology is designed to hug your foot without sacrificing stability. Thanks to the Trusstic System technology, the shoes are also lightweight, which reduces weight in the sole.

In tennis, you will make rapid sprints. Most of the time, you will run laterally. If you do not have the proper footwear, you may sustain an injury. But with this Asics tennis shoe, your lateral movements, sudden braking, and sudden bursts of speed are taken care of. The shoe comes with a state-of-the-art gel cushioning system at the rear and fore to absorb most shock and allow flexibility.

This shoe has a special material in the outsole that makes running around on the court easier. It also lasts longer. If something happens to the outsole within 6 months, you can get a new one.


  • A shoe with aesthetic appeal provides comfort, support, and stability.
  • It includes a 6-month outsole warranty.
  • Designed for all player types.
  • Affordable.
  • Professional players such as Gal Monfils, who helped design it, have confidence.


  • Not the most breathable tennis shoe.

If you play tennis on hard courts, this budget-friendly shoe is great. It is a lightweight shoe with a relatively breathable upper, allowing you to play in even the warmest conditions.

This shoe’s rubber sole will provide exceptional traction on a hard court. The REVlite midsole provides cushioning and is lightweight. The shoe’s outsole also features tread patterns that will help you move around the court.

New Balance is a good brand for people with wide feet. The shoes have a wide toe box, so your toes will have enough room to move around. They’re also comfortable, and you can fit them to your foot properly with the laces.


  • They are the most affordable tennis shoes available.
  • They provide excellent support and stability.
  • The upper is manufactured from a breathable material.
  • Perfect for individuals with wide feet.
  • Lightweight.


  • They are not durable; they will show wear after a few months.

This shoe is perfect for playing tennis on a hard or clay court with wide feet. It is lightweight and comfortable and offers stability and extra protection.

The shoe is made with lightweight synthetic and mesh materials that conform to your feet for support and comfort. These shoes will take some time to break in, but they provide arch support and midsole stability for a fast-paced tennis game.

The shoe’s upper design leaves enough room in the toe box to prevent discomfort or blisters. The sturdy upper, improved by the shoelaces, locks in feet best to support lateral movements.

The Bigshot Light 3 tennis shoes are durable and have rubber soles. This makes them good for playing for a long time. They also have outsoles with a lot of grips and give. This prevents you from hurting your ankles on hard courts. The outsole is also Non-Marking, meaning it won’t damage the courts you play on.


  • Affordable pricing.
  • Outstanding footwear for hard and clay courts.
  • Rubber soles provide sufficient flexibility for a fast-paced game.
  • Tennis surfaces will not be damaged by non-marking outsoles.
  • Superior outsoles for enhanced traction and flexibility.
  • Durable upper to secure the foot and facilitate lateral support.


  • The sneakers are stiff and require a longer break-in period before being worn to a game.
  • Not appropriate for individuals with narrow or high arched feet.

This Adidas Ubersonic shoe is popular with tennis players. It is ideal for clay court tennis games.

They feature a mesh upper that is breathable and provides moderate arch support. The Primeknit upper feels like a sock and allows you to play for long hours without sweating or feeling uncomfortable.

The shoes provide a low-to-the-ground feel, optimal for maximum support and stability. They also include a roomy toe box, so you won’t experience friction or blisters. The shoe’s overall feel keeps you connected to the court, enabling you to track the ball at high speeds or slide forcefully without twisting your ankles.

The rubber soles on these shoes make them more durable. The rubber is put on the parts of the shoe that wear down faster, so you can use them for a longer time. They also have a tread pattern that is good for games where you need to start and stop quickly.

They are lightweight shoes that enhance all areas of your game, whether you are sprinting explosively or returning a serve with a split-step turn.


  • From a trustworthy manufacturer.
  • Affordable tennis shoes.
  • They are both lightweight and resilient.
  • Durable soles that provide closeness to the ground.
  • Perfect for hard and clay courts.
  • The shoes are suited for high-velocity serve returns.
  • They provide sufficient stability and traction.


  • They include a narrow tongue and laces, which may cause discomfort.

This shoe is perfect for narrow feet. It is one of Nike’s latest shoes for men and is trusted by tennis stars like Roger Federer and Taylor Fritz. It is available in different colors and sizes, but it might be too high.

The Nike Dynamic Fit system wraps around your foot comfortably to feel like a glove. This system also includes a cushioned ankle collar for improved comfort and fit.

In the heel of the shoe’s lightweight midsole is the brand’s Zoom Air unit. This provides a low profile and responsive cushioning. The midfoot TPU shank is also ideal for increased lateral support and stability. It prevents you from twisting your ankles and running aggressively around the court.

The durable outsole is designed to last for a long time. The high wear areas are made with rubber and have thick treads to make them more durable. Rubber is eliminated from low-wear regions so that the shoe can remain lightweight.

This tennis shoe is great because it offers traction, a true-to-size fit, and no break-in time. It is perfect for you if you play tennis often and want to perform. It is perfect for feet with a narrow to medium width, arches, stability, durability, and quality.


  • Excellent shoe for tennis players seeking performance.
  • Built with shock absorption, ankle support, and longevity in mind.
  • The rubber outsole provides sufficient traction to facilitate movement across the court.
  • It does not require any break-in time before to use in a competitive match.
  • From a respected brand and relied upon by professional athletes.
  • Available in multiple sizes and three hues.


  • A bit pricey.

Factors to Consider When Buying Your Best Tennis Shoes for Men

When buying men’s tennis shoes, there are some things you should consider to make sure you get the best shoes for your needs. These factors include how the shoe feels on your feet, how it performs on the court and looks.

1. Court Surface

To choose the right tennis shoes, you need to understand the playing conditions of your courts. Different shoes are designed for different court surfaces.

  • Clay courts. To play tennis on clay courts, you need shoes that provide a lot of grips. The surface is slippery, so you don’t want to fall or slide around. Look for shoes with a herringbone pattern on the treads. It’s the deepest pattern and offers great grip. However, clay particles tend to get stuck between the grooves because of the deep tread. So you need to keep tapping your shoes to get them off.
  • Hard courts. A hard-court is a tennis court made with a hard surface. This makes the court “grippy,” which means your shoes can stick to the surface. If you do not have the proper footwear, you may sustain an injury. When buying shoes for a hard court, it is best to get “All-court tennis shoes.” These shoes have a special pattern on the bottom that helps them grip the court’s surface.
  • Grass court shoes. Tennis courts with grass surfaces have low traction. When playing tennis on this surface, you should wear shoes with small nubs on the outsole to provide a good grip. Wearing shoes with a low profile can damage the grass surface.
  • Carpet courts. If you are going to play tennis on a carpeted court, it is best to buy shoes that don’t have a profile and are labeled no-marking. This will help protect the carpet.

2. Stability

When looking for the best tennis shoes for men, make sure that the shoe offers arch support, lateral support, heel support, forefoot support, and flexibility. This will assist you in tracking and returning your opponent’s hits without difficulty.

3. Cushioning

When looking for a good tennis shoe, make sure it has enough cushioning. This will help protect your feet, back, and joints. As a general rule, you will need more cushioning for shoes used on hard courts than on clay, carpet, or grass courts.

The midsole needs to provide a lot of cushioning, especially around the back of your foot, to absorb most of the impact that would otherwise injure your ankles. The front of the foot area needs minimal cushioning to be flexible and launch as you track the balls.

The inside of the shoes, especially the insole and tongue, need to be comfortable. You can also check if the insole is removable. If it isn’t comfortable, you might need to replace it with a better option.

4. Shoe fit

When buying your new pair of shoes, make sure they fit your foot. They should not be too loose, especially around your foot, because you would have trouble running. Additionally, if your shoe is too tight, you might have high friction that will make playing unbearable.

It is usually best to buy shoes when your feet are their largest. Wear the socks and accessories you will typically wear when trying on shoes.

5. Upper Materials

Consider materials that increase flexibility, comfort, and ventilation when buying tennis shoes. You can find tennis shoes with synthetic leather, mesh material, and more.

6. Weight

When buying new tennis shoes, you need to think about how heavy they feel. Heavier shoes will make you slower and less stable.

If you want to run faster, choose lightweight shoes. If you tend to slide on the ball, a heavier shoe might be better. However, it is important to find a balance between speed and stability to help improve your game.

The 8 Very Best Men’s Tennis Shoes

Tennis has become very popular in the past few years because it is an excellent sport for a time when people are becoming more separate. Mark Mason, the owner of Mason’s Tennis in New York City, asserts that the increased demand for tennis apparel has caused a shortage of sneakers. Even if it’s challenging to locate the perfect pair, Everyone must acquire correctly fitted tennis shoes because footwear can significantly impact on-court performance.

Tennis footwork includes running backward, lunging, sidestepping, and even sliding (think Novak Djokovic at Arthur Ashe Stadium). Because of this, running shoes and other sneakers that aren’t made for tennis won’t work on the court. Mike Layton, the owner, and CEO of Westside Tennis in California, says, “If you start changing directions in a running shoe, you might hurt yourself. because you won’t be able to turn as easily on the ground as when you wear tennis shoes.”

I talked to former players, pros, and tennis store owners from all over the country to find the best men’s tennis shoes. Most of the eight pairs below were recommended by more than one expert. They were said to be the best for many reasons, including being suitable for people with a common foot problem with plantar fasciitis. All of these pairs are made for playing on hard courts. Our experts say that a shoe that works well on hard courts will also work well on clay (and, if you’re lucky, other surfaces). Also effective on clay (and, with any luck, other characters). If you already know what type of shoe you’re searching for, use the navigation links below. However, if you require additional direction, the following options will have you sliding through clay or bouncing up to the net in no time.

Best overall tennis shoe

  • Enhanced durability | Heavy support | Versatile fit

Five experts say the Asics Gel-Resolution 8 is an excellent choice that, unlike many other shoes on this list, should fit any foot size or shape. Layton says these would work for “a majority of people regardless of skill level.” According to Frank Green, a high-performance tennis instructor headquartered in Philadelphia. These are probably the best tennis shoes right now because they are comfortable, stylish, and durable, and you can wear them on any type of court. Horace Choy, the head tennis coach at NYU, says Resolution 8 is “extremely popular” with his team. The shoe’s low profile puts you “closer to the ground, making you feel a little bit faster.” Layton says he has had “foot problems in the past, but not with these.” He says they “meet all the requirements for a good tennis shoe, including good lateral support and stability.”

Best Tennis Shoe for Sliding

  • Enhanced durability | Sliding support | Standard fit

“You know how the hood changes when a car goes from 2020 to a 2021 model? Nike did that with this shoe, “Green explains. Nike says that it used information from years of testing to make this “next generation” tennis shoe with a good balance of cushioning and grip. Mason recommends the React Vapor NXT because it has “great Achilles and side support” that helps the wearer slide. The modified herringbone outsole gives you the right amount of grip, making you feel stable but flexible. You’ll find durable rubber and rigid plastic in high-wear areas, such as the foot’s inner side, to ensure the shoes don’t wear down when you skid across hard or clay surfaces.

Best Tennis Shoe for Narrow Feet

  • Moderate durability | Flexible support | Narrow fit

When researching this story, I heard that, except for Asics, each shoe brand is known for making shoes for specific feet. “Nike is known for shoes that fit narrower feet, while New Balance and K-Swiss are known for shoes that fit wider feet,” says Choy. Phil Parrish, in charge of tennis at the Longfellow Health Club in Wayland, Massachusetts, suggests this pair of shoes for athletes with narrow feet. This model is strong because it is made of reinforced mesh with a thin, flexible overlay that keeps it from feeling stiff. According to Mason, this shoe is renowned for its lightness, which could be beneficial if you feel like you’re carrying too much. It doesn’t have rubber where wear is low, making it very effective.

Best Tennis Shoe for Wide Feet

  • Enhanced durability | Heavy support | Wide fit

Harry Tong runs the YouTube channel Tennis Spin and works as a buyer at the California Tennis Club and Parrish. Recommend this shoe for players with wide feet because it comes in standard and 2E widths. Parrish adds that the boots can fit feet that are both wider and bigger all around. “You have the width,” he says, “but the shoe is also pretty full from top to bottom.” Besides being a good size. This shoe is a fan favorite, according to Karen Moriarty, co-owner of Sportech in Rye Brook, and Dana Mason, buyer at Mason’s Tennis. “It’s nice on a hard court because of the durable sole,” Mason says, though it is designed to be an all-court shoe.

Best Tennis Shoe for Plantar Fasciitis

  • Enhanced durability | Maximum support | Slightly wide fit

Plantar fasciitis is a potentially fatal condition for tennis players. When the band of tissue that links the heel bone to the toes is inflamed, simple actions such as pushing off and landing can be unpleasant. Suppose your plantar fasciitis is manageable and your doctor has given the green light to continue playing. In this scenario, you should look for shoes with heel cushioning, sturdy soles, and additional padding to absorb shock. This Babolat shoe is constructed of thermoplastic rubber and a tube-compression system beneath the heel for outstanding shock absorption, so it meets all three criteria. This shoe, according to Schneider, combines extreme stability with “as much comfort as you’ll find in a tennis shoe.” Mason considers this the “best-fitting tennis shoe” since players with various foot types (narrow, comprehensive, and high-arched) have reported that it fits wonderfully. Schneider also says that this model is cut a little wider, which is helpful if you have plantar fasciitis. And need to wear custom orthotics, extra-cushioned socks, or inserts.

Most Stabilizing Tennis Shoe

  • Maximum durability | Intense support | Standard fit

This “classic shoe” was recommended by Green because, like the Asics Gel-Resolution 8, it is built to accommodate various foot types. This model’s lacing has lock-in technology, which conforms the tongue to the foot for optimal stability and a snug fit regardless of foot shape. The shoes, according to Parrish, contain a “mid-foot shank” (the portion of the shoe above the inner arch) that “removes some weight from the shoe but provides additional stability.” “Tennis has become a game with greater side-to-side motion, so you need a shoe that can accommodate this,” he explains.

Most Comfortable Tennis Shoe

  • Maximum durability | Heavy support | Wide fit

Tong says these New Balance shoes are available in standard and wide sizes. These are “the softest, most cushiony, most bouncy shoe you can have in tennis.” “It took me a few minutes to slip my feet into the shoes for the first time because they are so stiff when fresh new,” he tells anyone who wishes to try them. However, he explains that rigidity indicates a quality tennis shoe. And it’s nothing to worry about: “You want them to cling on to you and be tight around the entire foot; too much movement will cause blisters and a black toe.” He compares the sensation of the Fresh Foam LAV to that of wearing “a soft, comfy ski boot” because both are very supportive and snug. Greg Pearson, the proprietor of Tiki Tennis in Islamorada, Florida, is also a fan. “I have worn shoes of every brand,” he continues, “but these are the most comfortable.”

Best Shoe for Older Players

  • Enhanced durability | Extra-cushioned support | Extra-wide fit

When searching for tennis shoes, weight and cushioning are frequently the two most essential variables for senior players. The New Balance 1006’s extra-plush cushioning and outstanding support for athletes with foot issues have helped it win over many old players. Moreover, it is remarkably lightweight. It is constructed with New Balance Revlite foam, which is 30 percent lighter than regular foams yet maintains high levels of cushioning and stability. It weighs 30 percent less than standard foams. This shoe has a width of 2E, making it suitable for players with wide feet.

Reviews of the Twelve Best Tennis Shoes

Here are the twelve tennis shoes we think are the best. We’ve tried and reviewed all the big brands and picked out the best ones for you.

Not all shoes come in Men’s and Women’s sizes, but we’ve clarified that in the brackets.

Suppose you’re a competitive tennis player, on the court a few times per week or more, and need a high-performance and durable shoe. In that case, the Adidas Adizero series of shoes is for you.

The upper of this shoe is made of both textile and synthetic materials, and the bottom is made of thick rubber to make it very durable. Adidas took the tongue off these shoes, which now have a mesh upper you just slide your foot into. It enhances comfort by reducing the chances of a tongue rubbing or irritating your foot. This new upper wraps around your foot like a sock, making it easier to control the shoe and improving its performance.

It is one of the most reliable shoes on the market because of the thick rubber sole. The Adituff Toe helps tennis players drag their feet when they serve or hit a volley.

The new line of shoes from Adidas is also lighter than their old ones. It looks like they took away some of the paddings around the ankle and on top of the foot. It doesn’t make the shoes less comfortable, but it may make them less supportive.


  • Very durable shoe for advanced players
  • The upper is very soft and fits like a sock.
  • Great for any kind of court or player.
  • The perfect combination of durability & performance


  • It takes a few matches to break-in
  • Less ankle support than other shoes

Best Alternative Shoe:

  • KSwiss Hypercourt Supreme

The Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro is a great performance shoe for people who want something lighter. It is an updated version of their old Vapor X shoe used by multiple professional tennis players.

This shoe’s responsiveness is unmatched, making it perfect for advanced players. The upper of the Vapor Pro has been redesigned. It now has several layers that make it more comfortable and allow it to breathe. The inner layer fits your foot like a glove; the outer layer adds support and makes the shoe last longer. The shoe’s midsole and outsole have the same Zoom technology as the last model. It gives the shoe more cushioning.

The sole is not particularly durable because Nike stressed lightweight and mobility with this shoe. Suppose you’re an advanced tennis player who moves on the court, drags your foot on your server, or simply wants something that lasts longer. In that case, the Adidas shoe above is a good choice. Also, if you need more support for your ankles, you should look for a different shoe.

The Air Zoom Vapor Pro is an excellent choice if you want the best shoe. Nike also makes some of the top tennis shorts on the market, ensuring that your entire tennis wardrobe is coordinated.


  • Lightweight for players on all courts
  • Excellent on all surfaces
  • Very comfortable and able to let air in.
  • Low-slung for more mobility and flexibility
  • Advanced players can quickly change direction thanks to the great response.


  • Not the most durable shoe
  • Little toe protection

Best Alternative Shoe:

  • Men: Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 5
  • Women: Adidas Avacourt

Asics makes a lot of great tennis shoes. Novak Djokovic and Gael Monfils both wear shoes made by Asics.

It is an excellent choice for players who seek a quality shoe with comfort and durability. From the front to the back of the shoe, the Gel-Resolution has technology that makes the shoe more comfortable and stable on impact while keeping it responsive. It is also cushioned, and the tongue keeps dirt from getting in. It makes it a perfect shoe for tennis players on clay courts.

The synthetic sole goes all the way around the Toe, and the side of the shoe has extra support. Asics gives a 6-month warranty on the sole if it wears through.

It is also one of the most stable and supportive shoes you can buy. The upper is an excellent mix of comfort, stability, and support. It will take a few tennis games to break in.

This shoe doesn’t breathe as well as others. Wide feet shouldn’t wear it.


  • Excellent comfort
  • Top class in stability & support
  • Very durable shoe
  • 6-month outsole warranty


  • He does not breathe as well as others
  • Not for wide feet

When making the Nike Vapor Cage line of tennis shoes, support, stability, and durability are given the most attention. These shoes were made for Rafael Nadal, and he wears them.

The shoe’s upper and laces wrap around the middle of the foot to make it as stable and responsive as possible. For extra durability, the outsole wraps around the sides and Toe. These shoes are very comfortable because they have Air Zoom technology under the foot.

These are great tennis shoes for hard courts because they are durable and stable. You can quickly and comfortably slide and move around the court. These shoes are best for tennis players with more experience who want high-performance shoes.


  • Great support and long-lastingness
  • A lot of comforts. People who slide or move quickly need a stable base.
  • Excellent responsiveness


  • Slightly heavier than some shoes
  • It does not breathe as well as other shoes

Nike’s line of Vapor Cage tennis shoes is made with support, stability, and durability. These shoes were made for Rafael Nadal, and he wears them.

The shoe’s upper and laces wrap around the middle of the foot to make it as stable and responsive as possible. For extra durability, the outsole wraps around the sides and Toe. These shoes are very comfortable because they have Air Zoom technology under the foot.

These are great tennis shoes for hard courts because they are durable and stable. You can quickly and comfortably slide and move around the court. These shoes are best for tennis players with more experience who want high-performance shoes.


  • Excellent support and resilience
  • Excellent stability for individuals who slide or move swiftly, Extremely comfy
  • Excellent responsiveness


  • Slightly heavier than some shoes
  • It does not breathe as well as other shoes

When making the Nike Vapor Cage line of tennis shoes, support, stability, and durability are given the most attention. These shoes were made for Rafael Nadal, and he wears them.

The shoe’s upper and laces wrap around the middle of the foot to make it as stable and responsive as possible. For extra durability, the outsole wraps around the sides and Toe. These shoes are very comfortable because they have Air Zoom technology under the foot.

These are great tennis shoes for hard courts because they are durable and stable. You can quickly and comfortably slide and move around the court. These shoes are best for tennis players with more experience who want high-performance shoes.


  • Great support and long-lastingness
  • Very comfortable. Excellent stability for individuals who slide or move swiftly.
  • Excellent responsiveness


  • Slightly heavier than some shoes
  • It does not breathe as well as other shoes

One of the best tennis shoes for men with wide feet is made by New Balance. Their model MC 1004 4E is made to be the most comfortable for people with wider feet.

The sole, midsole, and upper of this New Balance shoe are all made of high-quality materials, just like other New Balance shoes. Their REVlite technology gives the foot more cushion and comfort. The outsole wraps the Toe and shoe’s interior, extending its life.

The upper is made of light mesh and synthetic materials that help the shoe breathe. The tongue is padded, which makes the upper even more comfortable.


  • The best shoe for wide feet
  • Very comfortable
  • Good breathability & lightweight shoe
  • Durable outsole


  • Not the best support

Best All-Court Tennis Shoes

Usually, You can use the All-Court Tennis Shoes for every surface or court. These shoes are designed especially for durability as they must perform on hard and soft courts. Adidas launched the Barricade series years ago and became popular in tennis.

It provides a soft and stretchable tongue, seamless forged mesh upper design with supporting and stretchable areas to ensure every move and custom fit players.

Adituff saves a player during severe lateral movements and foot drag during serves and volleys. For enhanced front foot propulsion, the Adiprene+ technique maintains flow and performance.

Barricade shoes use abrasion-resistant Adituff technology, wrapped around the Toe and forefoot for protection.

These features make this pair the best tennis shoes for all men.


  • Best Combination of Support and Durability
  • Comfortable for Professional Players
  • Excellent Durable Sole
  • Performs on Every Court Surface
  • Excellent Toe and forefoot Protection
  • Can be Used Casually


  • Some Buyers faced fitness Issues due to plastic under Arch that caused Blisters
  • Few Reviewers found Stiff Sole for their feet.

Best Tennis Shoes For Men with Wide Feet As well

Asics has produced excellent colorful tennis shoes in the Gel line, and resolution is one of them. The Gel line of Asics is known for comfort with durability with the latest shoe technologies.

For improved midsole stability of the professional players, DynaWall and responsive FlyteFoam technology that uses super fiber for excellent cushioning and bounce back features have been used.

 It has used the FlexionFit technique in the upper to handle frequent lateral movements for fitting support.

The Insole gives good breathability, long-term cushioning, and standard moisture management. The outsole uses the AHR+ technique, is highly durable, and helps to perform on hard courts comfortably.

Gel technology, line name picker is smushed in heel and midfoot to minimize shocks produced from quick start-stop movements. PGuard will cover the Toe and save from unnecessary wear in all shoe parts.

In short, It is a combo of comfort, stability, support, and protection. It could be referred to as the best overall tennis Shoe for Men.

For the players who are looking for all features in one tennis shoe, this article is the best choice.


  • Excellent Fusion of Comfort, Stability & Protection
  • Torque Control Feature in Heel ensures Locked-In
  • Highly Durable Insole & Outsole
  • Rearfoot and Forefoot Cushioning Ensures Shockless Game
  • Combination of on-demand Requirements & Technologies
  • 6 Months Outsole Warranty


  • Not Good for Clay Court and Wide Feet
  • Narrower than Previous Models, Purchase Half Size Larger

Adidas has designed a colorful, stylish black with fine thin pink & white lines, but lightweight tennis shoes for men players.

The playtesters have tested this shoe and got high numbers in the ranking list. Adizereo line is for professional and experienced players who play a fast game on the court.

Like other brands, Adidas has also developed and used many technologies in this model. The SprintFrame technique has been used to construct these shoes for greater speed support and stability.

Thanks to the EVA midsole, the added cushioning gives comfort with a lightweight feel. In the outsole, AdiWear 6 has made it strong and durable.

For toe protection, Adidas has used AdiTuff, which provides abrasion resistance under the Toe. It is essential to know that the Toe is the most affected part of the foot during the game.


  • Have a good breathable Mesh Upper
  • Combination of Stability with Lightweight
  • PU midsole as it cushions the foot at every heel strike.
  • The PU midsole Cushions the foot to absorb heel strikes
  • Has Excellent Grip to Deal Abrupt Movements


You may learn more about the tennis-themed things that are available for purchase by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Men’s Tennis Shoes

What Kind of Shoes Do Tennis Players Wear?

Many professional tennis players use shoes that are designed specifically for grass courts. These shoes have bumps on the outsole to help them grip the surface better. However, you won’t find these shoes in stores because most people often don’t play on grass courts. That’s where all court tennis shoes come in handy. They are designed to work well on any surface.

What Shoes Does Federer Wear?

Federer says he will continue wearing Nike until he is no longer an active player. He has had a lot of good and bad moments throughout his career, but he decided to stick with Nike in the end.

What Is the Difference Between Tennis Shoes and Running Shoes?

Running shoes are flexible in the front, pushing off after each stride. They are also rigid, so your foot doesn’t move too much. Tennis shoes offer more lateral stability. This means they are good for side-to-side movements, like playing tennis.

Are Our Cross-training Shoes Good for Tennis?

Cross trainers can be used on all tennis surfaces. Depending on the surface, you might need to add more cushioning, stability, and flexibility. Cross trainers have good grip, but this may not be enough for a hard court.

Is Stan Smith Real Leather?

The Adidas Stan Smith is a model and version of a shoe made with real leather. It is usually in white but can also come in other colors. There aren’t many extra features on this shoe, but it does have a real leather upper and some stitching details. The Achilles section usually has some padding and color variation as well.

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