It is essential to wear the appropriate shorts to have a fantastic run. The wrong material can cause your skin to chaff, stick to your skin in hot weather, and be generally uncomfortable.

To get the best running performance, wear shorts designed specifically for running. It means lightweight material, moisture-wicking fabric, and liners to keep everything in place. Different lengths of shorts are available to accommodate individual preferences and different running styles.

To help you choose the right running shorts for you, we have reviewed over 50+ models. Examine our list to locate the ideal pair for you.


First, we’ll start with 3-inch inseam shorts. These are one of the shortest men’s shorts available, and they are usually worn by the guys who cross the finish line first.


These shorts are designed to help you run more efficiently. The thin polyester fabric prevents the shorts from sticking uncomfortably to your skin and restricts your range of motion. The side split adds to the freedom of movement.

The Asics 3-inch split shorts are versatile. They are designed for both daily training and racing. You can wear them when the temperature is above 65 degrees. When the track or pavement surface is hot, you will not slow down because you will sweat.


  • Lightweight
  • The outer zip pocket in the back holds small essentials


  • Fit small


These shorts are perfect for training. They fit loosely, keeping you cool and comfortable while you run. The sides and lining have mesh panels to help keep you even cooler. The shorts are made of 100% polyester, so they’ll stay dry and won’t cling to your skin.

The New Balance Impact 3″ Split running shorts have a swim-trunk-like mesh built-in liner to provide comfort and support without undergarments.


  • Great in temperatures over 65 degrees
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Small pocket
  • Comfortable waistband


  • Some people find mesh liners irritating


The New Balance 5″ Accelerate Shorts are lightweight and breathable. The fabric will keep you cool, even during the most challenging runs. You’ll be able to run with freedom and full mobility, thanks to the 100% polyester and mesh liner. The fabrics won’t stick to you while you run.

The Accelerate shorts fit well. They have an internal key pocket to store small items, and the mid-length inseam doesn’t bunch up or restrict movement. The waistband has an inner drawstring so you can adjust the fit. These shorts come in quite a few color options and are reasonably priced.


  • Comfortable mesh
  • Great airflow
  • Excellent fit
  • Supportive


  • No rear zipper pocket on the side


Brooks Sherpa 5″ shorts are for distance runners. These shorts are comfortable for short distances or marathons. The shorts have two side pockets to hold gels and other small items and a larger zippered back pocket.

Both the fit and the fabric of the Sherpa help you run better. The semi-fitted fit is comfortable and not too tight. At the same time, the DriLayer technology in the polyester-spandex blend fabric keeps you dry on long runs.


  • Four pockets for power bars, gels, and more
  • Side splits increase the range of motion


  • The phone pocket is n big enough for large phones.


These shorts are perfect for long-distance running. They are engineered to help you perform for the entire race. They have a soft inner shell and a comfortable and lightweight outer shell.

Agile shorts are made of 78% polyester and 22% elastane. It makes the shorts lightweight and flexible. They also have advanced skin active dry technology, which whisks away sweat, rain, and mud to keep you dry. The shorts also have mechanical stretch mesh, which allows them to flex with your movement.


  • UPF 50 for sun protection
  • Breathable and lightweight


  • The single zipped pocket may be inadequate to carry what you need during long runs


Under Armor has a solution if you don’t like how tight clothes feel when you run. Their Launch SW line gives you a pair of shorts that fit well but don’t hug your body. They also have a mesh liner, which makes the shorts more comfortable and lets them breathe better when you’re running.

These lightweight shorts also keep you dry and chaff-free while you run. The material also fights against bad smells and stops bacteria from spreading.

The UA Launch shorts have two side pockets. It is helpful because you can store things in them while you run. The right pocket has a special place to put your phone, so it does not move around. In addition, the waistband of the shorts is elastic for a comfortable fit.


  • Moisture-wicking material
  • Comfortable fit
  • Anti-odor material
  • Side pockets pockets


  • Some runners found the shorts pill easily


7″ inseam shorts are a good choice for people who want more coverage than shorter shorts but don’t want to feel too restricted.


New Balance makes good shorts. The 7″ Accelerate Shorts are like the 5″ Accelerate Shorts but longer. They have a mesh liner to keep you cool. You can also ditch your underwear for more freedom. This internal brief provides a comfortable fit that is supportive and airy.

These shorts are lightweight and dry quickly, making them comfortable to run in. They also have pockets, which is an excellent addition. The pockets don’t get in the way while you run. There is a drop-in pocket for small items like keys or gels along the waist.


  • Plenty of pockets
  • Comfortable fit
  • Quick-drying material
  • Supportive


  • It May be too big for some runners


Salomon Trail Twinskin Runner Shorts are a good pair of running shorts. They are lightweight and fast-drying, so you can stay comfortable while you run. The inner seam protects your skin from chafing, which can be a problem during long runs.

These trail runner shorts are made to look casual but sporty. You can wear them while running trails, in town, or in any other activity requiring comfort. They have a large pocket around the waistband for gels, bars, a small phone, or even a small water bottle.


  • The waistband isn’t prone to riding up or rolling down
  • UPF 50 sun protection
  • Tons of storage


  • Fit tends to be small
  • No zippered pocket


Salomon’s Agile shorts have a well-thought-out design that will help keep you comfortable as you run. AdvancedSkin and ActiveDry technologies will help keep you dry while you run.

Salomon’s Agile shorts are perfect for people who love light clothing. The shorts have two layers of light fabric that help airflow. Plus, the fabric won’t make your skin itchy. Another great feature of the shorts is the rear pocket. It is zipped shut so you can keep your belongings safe while you work out.


  • Reflective lining
  • 100% polyester
  • Rear pocket


  • Fit tends to be small
  • No zippered pocket


These shorts are perfect for running long distances as well as on trails. They are made from a lightweight and breathable fabric that provides the right amount of stretch. They also have multiple pockets to store your belongings while you’re on the go.

The shorts come with a lightweight, breathable, snug, and compression-like liner. The liner supports and comforts you better than mesh liners. You can adjust the fit of your shorts with the drawstring. These versatile performance shorts are perfect for long runs, no matter where they may be.


  • Four pockets carry necessities and a smartphone yet are snug to prevent items from jostling while running


  • Some wearers found the liner caused chafing


These shorts are perfect for running long distances as well as on trails. They are made from a lightweight and breathable fabric that provides the right amount of stretch. They also have multiple pockets to store your belongings while you’re on the go.

The shorts come with a lightweight, breathable, snug, and compression-like liner. The liner supports and comforts you better than mesh liners. You can adjust the fit of your shorts with the drawstring. These versatile performance shorts are perfect for long runs, no matter where they may be.


  • Four pockets carry necessities and a smartphone yet are snug to prevent items from jostling while running


  • Some wearers found the liner caused chafing


Brooks’ Equip shorts are a good choice if you don’t want to wear liners with your shorts. They are made from a combination of polyester and spandex, making them a comfortable fit and helping you move freely.

The DriLayer materials in the shorts help keep you dry. It means you will stay comfortable in any situation. If it starts raining while you’re running, the Equips will quickly dry off when the rain stops.

The ventilation is excellent in these pants. They breathe well, even on hot days. You get great airflow, which makes them more versatile and comfortable. They’re also imposing, considering their length.

A simple drawstring within the waist allows you to get the perfect fit. Brooks offers the Equips in sizes from XXS to XXL.


  • Lightweight design
  • Dries quickly
  • No liner


  • The length is too long for speed workouts


This style of running shorts has a tight boxer brief liner instead of the traditional bikini-style brief. It was created to help prevent chafing; however, some runners find this style of short too restrictive.


These 2-in-1 shorts look like regular shorts, but they’re made from recycled polyester and elastane. It means that they help reduce the number of plastic bottles in the ocean. Rocky is committed to creating sustainable running apparel, which means that these shorts are better for the environment.

Not only are these shorts environmentally friendly, but they’re also silky and comfortable. They have a side split in the leg so you can move around quickly, and the perforated material helps increase breathability.

You will find a pair of briefs that fit you like a second skin and offers light support. The briefs also have polygiene anti-odor technology, so your shorts stay fresh as long as possible.

The shorts have two side pockets that are good for smaller items, like energy gels. A pocket on the inner part of the shorts is perfect for a phone. Another bonus is that the shorts have 50+ UPF protection.


  • Made from recycled materials
  • Large, hidden pocket on inner brief
  • Soft, perforated fabric
  • Polygiene anti-odor technology


  • No color options


These shorts from Asics have a supportive inner layer and a flexible outer layer. They are perfect for runners who want to enjoy their run.

The polyester fabric helps you stay cool by drawing moisture away from your skin. The drawstring waist allows for a comfortable, not-too-tight fit. This way, you can focus on your performance without being distracted by physical discomfort.


  • The inner liner is breathable mesh
  • Outer shorts move well while running


  • Pockets don’t securely hold valuables


The New Balance Transform 2-in-1 shorts are made of polyester and spandex. It makes them very flexible. The shorts also have cooling technology and ventilation holes on the legs’ side, making them breathable.

Men’s running shorts should have an athletic fit to help you move without restrictions. The shorts should also be flexible and breathable so you can stay cool while working out. The New Balance Transform 2-in-1 Shorts are a great option because they provide both flexibility and breathability while still providing support.


  • Knit inner layer offers a comfortable, more supportive alternative to mesh
  • Two zipped hand pockets hold essential items


  • Two pockets might be insufficient for long runs
  • Knit isn’t as breathable as mesh


Under Armour’s Launch, 2-in-1 shorts help improve circulation and muscle movement. The shorts hug your body without restricting movement. They are also lightweight and allow good airflow, which keeps you cooler for longer. It is due to the mesh strips along the sides of the shorts and the 4-way stretchiness.

You’ll have more freedom than ever before. Your motion won’t be stopped by anything. The materials in these shorts are premium and work to repel odor and sweat. They also wick away moisture. For added safety, the shorts have reflective strips on the sides. The addition of pockets is an additional appealing feature. You get one on each side for your hands and one that securely holds your mobile phone.


  • Supportive
  • Versatile
  • Great fit


  • Sizing runs a bit small

The Best Running Shorts for Men: Comprehensive Guide

There are many different types of men’s running shorts. It means that a pair of shorts is perfect for every man. Shorts come in various lengths, from very short to almost knee-length. There are also a variety of styles so that you can find the perfect pair for you.

There is a wide range of length options available for running shorts. Nike, New Balance, Brooks, On, and other brands make men’s running shorts with internal briefs and zippered pockets. You can choose the length and features that you need.

There are many different types of running shorts to choose from. You will want to select the ones that fit you best and have the preferred features. However, we believe the following are the most outstanding men’s running shorts:


These shorts are a great combination of supportive compression and loose outer shorts. They are perfect for any activity because they are so versatile! The Salomon brand is known for its high quality, and these shorts are no exception.

These shorts are made with Twinskin technology. It means that there is a skin-tight inner layer made of comfortable elastane. It supports the muscles and helps reduce chafing. The outer layer is a lightweight shell of recycled polyester with AdvancedSkin ActiveDry technology. Regardless of the conditions, it will prevent you from getting wet and keep you toasty.

The waistband on these shorts is comfortable and wide. It also has a hidden drawstring to adjust the waist to your liking.


  • Inner tights use soft, four-way stretch fabric that moves with you while you run
  • Both the inner tights and shell keep you dry and reduce chafing
  • Bounce-free leg pocket and a secure zipped pocket on the back
  • Features a hook to carry a jacket or shirt mid-run


  • The slim fit may not be comfortable for everyone.


The ASICS Road 2-N-1 shorts are a good option for people who want a longer inner brief. They have excellent leg coverage and a supportive inner compression layer.

The ASICS Road 2-in-1 is an excellent choice if you like a 2-in-1 design. With a 7-inch length, they offer good leg coverage while providing supportive compression. The inner layer is tight and stretchy, offering some support for the muscles, a feeling of comfort, and significantly lowering the chance of chafing as you run.

The outer layer of this clothing is made of moisture-wicking and lightweight fabric. It allows the fabric to dry quickly and move easily with you. The drawcord also helps you get a good fit on your waist.

The ventilation panels on each side will help to cool you down as you exercise. The panels are also designed so your range of motion will be natural and easy. Plus, a phone pocket is inside the waistband on the back–although it may not fit larger phones, it can be used for other valuable items.


  • Lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry and moving freely
  • The 7-inch length provides good coverage
  • Highly adjustable waist with a drawcord and inner back pocket
  • Side ventilation panels for increased breathability


  • These shorts run a little tight
  • There are no side pockets


The Salomon Cross Rebel 5″ shorts are light and air. They are designed not to hold you back. At the same time, you run. The Cross Rebel 5″ is made of lightweight material. Mesh side and back panels make it lighter.

These shorts are lower in weight and help air flow through the shorts, keeping you cool in summer weather. The shorts work well with moisture-wicking properties to keep you cool and dry.

The length of these pants is good. There is plenty of space in the legs, so you can move around quickly. The waistband is comfortable and stretchy. It will not loosen or bunch up when you are running. You cannot see it, but a small key pocket is on the waistband.


  • Extremely lightweight and airy with excellent mobility
  • Generous leg openings allow for comfortable all-day wear
  • A comfortable and secure waistband won’t bunch up or loosen on the run
  • Moisture-wicking fabric helps keep you cool


  • These shorts run a little tight.


The Under Armour Speedpocket 5″ shorts are perfect for running in warm weather. They are lightweight and have a unique laser-cut perforation pattern up each side, which helps keep you cool.

The shorts have a brief liner that helps you to stay dry. The waistband is wide and stays in place quickly. A hidden pocket in the front of the waistband is big enough to hold a sizable smartphone. The best thing about this pocket is that it’s water-resistant, so your phone won’t be damaged by sweat. There is also a zippered pocket on the back for storing other valuables.


  • Ultralight fabric with perforation zones for impressive breathability
  • A water-resistant center pocket keeps your valuables secured and protected
  • Built-in brief liner wicks moisture and provides support and comfort
  • A wide, non-chafing waistband keeps you comfortable as you run


  • The waistband may become uncomfortable when a large phone is placed in the front pocket.


Salomon Cross 7″ No-Liner shorts are a great option if you’re looking for shorts without a liner. They’re made entirely from recycled polyester, which is good for the planet and comfortable for you. They also have the classic sleek Salomon look.

These shorts are lightweight and dry quickly. They are also thin and flexible, so they move with you. That way, you can still move around quickly, even though they are a bit longer.

These shorts are very comfortable and supportive. They are moisture-wicking, which keeps you dry when you run. There is no liner in these shorts, so that you can wear them with your favorite running underwear. They are also great in the winter if you want to add a pair of shorts over your running tights.


  • The absence of an inner liner frees up your range of motion
  • Lightweight, quick-drying shell made from 100% recycled polyester
  • Single zippered back pocket for safe storage of valuables
  • A wide, non-chafing waistband keeps you comfortable as you run


  • Some runners wish these shorts had more pockets.


On makes excellent, lightweight shoes. They have also made running shorts that are just above the knee. These shorts are constructed of lightweight, stretchy fabric. They are breezy and light.

The material is comfortable and allows you to move freely without feeling restricted. It also helps to keep you cool and dry, no matter the weather. These running shorts also have a brief inner liner for light support and to reduce the chance of chafing. One large pocket in the back is spacious enough to fit a phone. However, it does not have a zipper, so be careful not to place anything too heavy.


  • Large back pocket for holding your valuables while you’re on the move
  • Lightweight, stretchy material allows you to move comfortably and freely
  • Designed to wick moisture and dry rapidly, letting you stay cool even in
  • the sweltering heat of summer.
  • Reflective detailing improves visibility in low-light situations.


  • They run slightly tight
  • The back material is a little see-through


The Brooks Source 9″ shorts are streamlined and comfortable if you prefer to run in compression-tight style shorts. They are made from a polyester blend that meets bluesign® criteria, which means they are eco-friendly. They move easily with you, so you’ll be comfortable whether doing some pre-run stretches or upping the speed mid-race.

These shorts are designed to be skin-tight and reduce the chance of chafing. The waistband is also flat and wide, making it more comfortable to wear when running. They also have two drop-in pockets, which are deep enough to fit a phone without it bouncing around or becoming a worry.


  • Polyester blend material moves with you and wicks away sweat as you run
  • Two drop-in pockets give you space to carry nutrition or valuables with you
  • Designed to wick moisture and dry rapidly, letting you stay cool even in
  • Seamless design reduces the chance of chafing or hotspots
  • A wide, flat waistband lies comfortably on the waist and doesn’t rub or roll


  • These shorts are not very breathable.


These shorts are 2-in-1. They have a light compression lining, but the short outer layer allows plenty of ventilation. The shorts themselves come to mid-thigh, but the compression boxer lining sticks out a little below that, providing better coverage of the legs.

This design offers both support and breathability. The outer layer is light and loose, which allows airflow to circulate freely. This design also has NB Dry technology, which wicks away sweat and dries quickly to keep you cool.

The athletic fit of this shirt offers both comfort and a great range of motion. You can move freely and easily, knowing that you’re covered. A zippered back pocket and two slip-in side pockets provide all the space you need to carry valuables with you, whether on the run or at the gym.


  • 2-in-1 design offers the best of both support and breathability
  • Athletic fit offers a high level of comfort and an excellent range of motion
  • Zippered back pocket and two side pockets for storage
  • Quick-drying technology keeps you fresh all-day


  • The waistband doesn’t stretch much.


These shorts are made from recycled polyester. The fabric is thin, loose, and comfortable. The waistband is wide and has thin drawstrings to keep the fit perfect. Nike Dri-FIT technology helps you to run comfortably in all weather by wicking sweat away from your skin.

This inner lining hugs your muscles and provides light compression. It helps improve circulation and also prevents chafing. You’ll find two side pockets and a zippered back pocket. There’s also a built-in moisture shield to help keep your valuables safe and dry!


  • Made with a minimum of 75% recycled polyester fabric
  • Nike Dri-FIT technology moves sweat to the surface for quick evaporation
  • Secure side pockets and a zippered back pocket with built-in moisture-shield
  • A full-length inner liner reduces the chance of chafing and moves with you freely


  • They run a bit tight in the liner.




These shorts are the shortest length, and they have the most ventilation. They are also suitable for various running types, like sprinting and marathons. But some people may find them too short or uncomfortable. If you have never worn shorts this length before, it might take some time to get used to them.


Medium-length shorts, also called 5-inch shorts, are the most common and versatile length of shorts. They are suitable for many activities, making them a good choice for triathletes or biathletes. These shorts still offer good ventilation and range of motion.


Long shorts are a good choice for men who do not feel comfortable in shorter shorts. They provide more coverage than shorter shorts but are not as breathable and offer less range of motion.



These shorts have a V-shaped notch on each outer leg. It allows for more movement and better breathability.


These shorts are similar to the V-notched shorts, except the front and back panels overlap. This style of shorts also allows for more flexibility and movement and good ventilation.


Compression shorts are tight and not very breathable, but they offer extra muscle support and help to prevent chafing. They are also very flexible, which allows you to move quickly.


Most pairs of running shorts for men come with a built-in liner. This liner is made to help support you while you run without adding fabric that can cause chafing. If you want more support, you can wear underwear with your shorts, but briefs offer more airflow. Boxer-brief liners are less common and can help prevent chafing on the inner thighs.


Many shorts are made of materials that stretch. It is good because it gives a good fit and helps if you sweat a lot. Do not choose cotton shorts. They are not as good because they do not handle sweat well. It can cause chafing and pain.


If you want to carry a credit card, cash, a house key, or nutrition items while running, choose a pair with a zippered pocket. Many pairs of shorts come with a small key pocket in the waistband.


If you run at night or in the early morning hours, you should choose a pair of shorts with reflective elements. It will increase your visibility to cars and other runners, making you safer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Men’s Running Shorts

Do You Wear Boxers Under Running Shorts?

You can reduce the chances of infections by wearing underwear made of more natural fibers or moisture-wicking brief liner properties or running without underwear. The looser your running shorts are, the better they reduce the chances of moisture and bacteria build-up.

Is It Better To Run With Shorts?

If you’re looking to mainly play pickleball outside, tennis shoes are a great option. You can use your indoor court shoes for outdoor play, but it may damage the rubber on the outdoor court. So it’s best to have a pair of tennis shoes specifically for playing outdoors.

What Kind of Shorts Does Marathon Runners Wear?

If you want the best running shorts, look for lightweight and durable ones. They should also be made from synthetic materials like spandex and polyester. These materials help to keep you dry by drawing sweat away from your body, and they also help to prevent chafing.

What Are the Little Pockets in Running Shorts For?

If you’re looking to mainly play pickleball outside, tennis shoes are a great option. You can use your indoor court shoes for outdoor play, but it may damage the rubber on the outdoor court. So it’s best to have a pair of tennis shoes specifically for playing outdoors.

Should Running Shorts Have a Liner?

Running shorts have a built-in brief liner. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t wear underwear with them as the additional layer of fabric can irritate your skin.

Can You Run in Gym Shorts?

When choosing shorts for a workout, you must consider the type of activity you will be doing. Shorts that are shorter and more fast-paced should be used for activities like running, where you don’t want excess fabric getting in the way.

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