Is Video Game Addiction Becoming an Issue?

addicted-to-video-games-lawsuitJapanese newspapers on 23rd November, 2013 came as a closure for many. It finally confirmed a theory that psychiatrists and doctors worldwide had been proposing for quite some time now. The news was this; a Japanese middle aged man left his wife and two daughters after she repeatedly complained about him spending day after day playing World of Warcraft; an online multiplayer game. The un-named person started playing this game about 3 months back and was quickly drawn into the pseudo virtual world of WoW, which made him quit his job, forgot to eat and starved himself to a point where his wife could no longer take it.

The adverse effects of game addiction among kids and adults have been the subject of intense research among medical professionals for decades. What seemed to be isolated cases once soon started appearing from all parts of the world. And the global community knew they had another menace created by the technological revolution in their hands.

Professionals have been wrong for so long because they thought video game addiction was a mental thing. They failed to gauge the impact it could have on the physical health of addicts. But that has changed now. There have been comprehensive studies and ongoing researches worldwide that have established the adverse effects of video game addiction in humans. Unlike smoking and alcoholism which is observed in humans beyond a particular age, video game addicts were found across the entire age spectrum.

So how do you know whether you are a passionate game enthusiast or you have crossed into the realm of being labeled an addict? Let us look at some of the most ominous symptoms of video game addiction.

Video game addiction symptoms

Games like CounterStrike are known to have a very pronounced effect on mentally weak individuals. They find themselves spending their time planning strategies and counter attack strategies when they are supposed to be studying or working. And the moment they go on the web, all they can search for is blogs and forums related to the game.

It is time to seek the medical opinion of a professional if you observe the following symptoms

You seem completely preoccupied with the game. And when you are not playing it, you are distracted, aggressive and not interested in anything else

You don’t find it morally wrong to spend your office hours playing. You even go to the extent of lying to your superiors about late night shifts and falling performance charts.

You start playing the game for 30 minutes, but end up playing for 3 or more hours. You do not seem to have any control over it.

When you are confronted, you become defensive and go into denial.

The guilt feeling of having wasted so much time starts to loom.

You feel the need to regularly upgrade your hardware because you feel you are underperforming due to a lack of upgrade

Your near and dear ones complain about your unavailability frequently.

If you observe any of the above symptoms, you should probably get some expert help as soon as possible.

gonzalez / November 23, 2015 / Gaming