Criminal Case with Coins, and Cash, and Experience

Criminal Case is the perfect Facebook and Android game for those who enjoy Adventure games and Hidden Object Games (HOGs). In the game you’re the newest police detective of Grimesborough, and your task is to solve a series of murder mysteries. You can design your appearance, and then you’re off! For each case you use Energy and use Stars to collect and examine evidence, interview suspects, etc. As you progress throughout the game, you’ll collect items and hints, to help you solve the mystery of the case. In the Bonus Games your mission is to collect as many items as possible.


This is the perfect way to collect tons of stars between each scene, you’ll have the chance to analyze evidence and interview suspects. The evidence can range from a bit of paper to fingerprints. Fortunately you’ll have a specialist forensics team and you can find access to criminal case cheats to help you. You’ll receive a clue about who the actual killer is. You then have the chance to bring them into the station for questioning. This is a key activity in the game as you’ll be able to piece together evidence. Each interview will cost you 1 star, and when it’s done you’ll get an extra clue, or a new scene.

Besides Stars, you can also earn Coins and Experience in the game. Experience will help you level up and fill up your Energy. Meanwhile, you can spend the Coins to change your character’s appearance, including the hairstyle and clothes. Besides Coins you can also get Cash in the game. Cash lets you skip certain sections of the game, or buy Energy food and beverages. You can also spend Cash to complete a forensic test faster, or unlock a scene or interview. The drawback is that you’ll need to—well, spend actual cash in order to get Cash. You can also use real money to buy Coins.

gonzalez / May 30, 2015 / Android Games